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Crowd Control

In Control x Doc Logan

Bred by Kevin Ricker, OH
Stress Negative

EN: 87-2

Reg # 570782002


Golden Gate


Gate Way x Backwoods

Bred by Shaffer Goldrush

Stress Negative

EN: 69-4
Reg # 580174004


Untouchable x Worth the Wait
Bred by Hadley Hendrickson

*Littermate to Champion Yorkshire Gilt at the 2015 Fall Classic in Duncan, OK


EN: 120-4

Registration #577871004

Master Piece

In Time x Buck Fifty

Bred by Thompson Brother's, OH

Owned with Ralph & Jim Bowling

Stress Negative

$40,000 Top Selling & Grand Champion Yorkshire Boar - 2014 Fall Classic

Ear Notch: 63-3

Registration #562792003



Lit Up x Power On

Bred by Hofschulte Farms, OK

Stress Negative




Power On 282-7 x Take Notice × Untouchable
Bred by Barnett Show Pigs

Owned with Barnett Show Pigs & Gary Williams
Stress Negative
.59 BF, 10.5 LEA, 1.77 WDA at 325 lbs

EN:  6-1

Registration # 589513001



Priority x True Grit
Bred by Final Drive Genetics
Stress Negative
Breed Guarantee
.56 BF, 8.5 LEA, 1.51 WDA at 255 lbs

Profit Maker

The Profit x Hedge Post

Bred by Tracy Lorenzen
EN: 90-9
Reg #: 583968009

Stress Negative

SKULL 86-4

Skull 7-2 x Untouchable x Mighty Mack
Bred by Kevin Ricker
Owned with Kevin Ricker
Stress Negative
EN 86-4
Registration # 570781004

White Bandit

Out of Control x The Grizz
Bred by Scott Garlisch
Stress Negative
.99 BF 11.9 LEA at 421lbs, 1.93 WDA
Reserve Senior Champion Yorkshire Boar 2014 Indiana State Fair

Ear Notch: 3-1

Registration #558824001

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