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Bred Gilts for Sale!

We have an elite set of bred gilts due to farrow the end of December – mid January For Sale! These litters will be perfect age for shows next summer. Also, all pigs out of bred gilt litters are eligible to come to the Customer Appreciation Sale! Questions on these girls, call us at 888-690-2022. All gilts are being sold on a first come, first serve basis. They have a have passed over and have been preg. checked as well.

Bred Gilts Due Fall 2017

*Please call for pricing!

Click Here To View Bred Gilts Due Fall 2017/Printable PDF

Price Tag# EN Breed Sow Breeding Service Sire Date Due
$1,500 P432 23-10 Yorkshire Golden Gate x Backwoods x Focus Smack Down 1/1/2018 Gilt
$1,500 P472 11-3 Duroc Prism x Stop Light x Full Blown N Style 1/3/2018 Gilt
$1,500 P473 69-10 Yorkshire Reach x Sunshine x Firewall Smack Down 1/3/2018 Gilt
$1,500 B309 52-11 Crossbred Reachin' High x Master Piece Stinger 1/8/2018 Parity 1
$1,500 P474 7-3 Chester Commander x Rush Hour x Si Walk the Line 1/8/2018 Gilt
$1,500 B303 92-11 Crossbred Wishbone x Platt Attack x Road Runner Bandit 1/8/2018 Parity 1
$1,500 P461 94-6 Yorkshire Crowd Control x Top Shot Priority One 1/9/2018 Parity 1
$1,500 B300 77-7 Crossbred Criminal x The Joker Battlefield 1/10/2018 Gilt
$1,500 P475 80-7 Yorkshire Power Stroke x Takin' Names Priority One 1/10/2018 Gilt
$1,500 P433 81-3 Yorkshire Power Stroke x Master Piece x Stella Master Piece 1/11/2018 Gilt
$1,500 B311 64-6 Crossbred Party Up North x Motown x Lola Bail Bond 1/11/2018 Gilt
*Dam is a littermate to Legendary that was here at Goldrush!
$1,500 B312 74-6 Crossbred Bail Bond x Bull Dog x Gate Way Blue Print 1/11/2018 Gilt
$3,500 P434 33-13 Hampshire Criminal x Preacher World Class 1/11/2018 Gilt
$1,500 P435 80-6 Yorkshire Power Stroke x Takin' Names Mega Man 1/12/2018 Gilt
$1,500 P436 81-7 Crossbred Power Stroke x Master Piece x Stella Contender 1/12/2018 Gilt
*True F1 Litter - Yorkshire sow/Crossbred Litter
$1,500 B314 63-9 Crossbred Beast Mode x Backwoods x Focus Horton 1/13/2018 Gilt
$1,500 B326 29-8 Crossbred Outlaw x Motown x Lola Party Up North 1/15/2018 Gilt
*True F1 Litter - Yorkshire sow/Crossbred Litter
$2,500 P438 46-4 Hampshire The Game x Outlaw x Power Point Here I Am 1/15/2018 Gilt
$2,500 P469 83-7 Hampshire The Game x Country Club Sky Fall 1/15/2018 Parity 1
$1,500 P462 42-8 Duroc Survivor x Big Buck Living Icon 1/15/2018 Gilt
$1,500 P308 37-10 Crossbred Wishone Horton 1/31/2018 Gilt
$1,500 B327 35-11 Crossbred Party Up North x Platt Attack x Gate Way World Class 2/6/2018 Gilt
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