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Bred Gilts FOR SALE!

2018 Shaffer Goldrush Bred Gilts for Sale

We have an Elite set of bred gilts and parity 1 (P1) sows for sale! We are selling them privately off the farm. If interested, give us a call at 765-789-8349. We will have more bred gilts due to farrow in February that will be posted once they have test positive with a preg test, so please check back! Please call us to discuss them further or for more information – ask for Bradley or Joseph.

Click Here To View 2018 Bred Gilts /Printable PDF

B249 51-8 Electrify Outlaw x Triumph Cross 9-Sep 1-Jan + 1500
B250 35-7 Cool Cat Diamond x Wishbone Cross 9-Sep 1-Jan + 2000
P440 20-10 Fortified Priority 1 X Crowd Control York 9-Sep 1-Jan + 1250
P441 15-6 Jump In Pay Attention x Masterpiece York 9-Sep 1-Jan + 1500
P443 11-5 World Class Contender x Wimbeldon Hamp 13-Sep 5-Jan + 3500
NT 31-6 Certified Bad Cat x Wall Street Landrace 14-Sep 6-Jan + 2000
P444 8-4 Pay It Forward Priority 1 x Platt Attack York 16-Sep 8-Jan + 1250
P446 6-9 Prime Time World Class x Outlaw Hamp 19-Sep 11-Jan + 5000
P632(P1) 14-8 Jump In Power Stroke x Sun Shine York 19-Sep 11-Jan + 1500
P445 21-9 Forefront In Motion x Stoplight Duroc 23-Sep 15-Jan + 2000
P447 2-7 Rasie The Bar Outlaw x Criminal Hamp 23-Sep 15-Jan + 3500
P629(P1) 20-5 War Cry New Direction x Coco Herford 1-Oct 23-Jan + 2000
B331 63-9 The Slammer Justice x Real Deal Cross 2-Oct 24-Jan + 1500
P448 14-5 High Class Sourthern Knight x Lone Star Duroc 7-Oct 29-Jan + 1750
P449 4-9 Fortified Priority 1 X Crowd Control York 8-Oct 30-Jan + 2000
P450 27-9 Prime Time World Class x The Game Hamp 9-Oct 31-Jan + 5000
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