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Bred Gilts for Sale!

We have an exciting group of bred gilts that are due to farrow in July! They are being sold privately off of the farm. If interested in any of them, give us a call at 888.690.2022. We are more than happy to discuss them with you!

Bred Gilts Due Summer 2017

*Please call for pricing!

Click Here To View Bred Gilts Due Summer 2017/Printable PDF

Tag# EN Sow Breed Breeding Service Sire Date Due
B303 92-11 Crossbred Wishbone x Platt Attack Power Stroke 7/6/2017
P462 42-8 Duroc Survivor x Big Buck N Style 7/7/2017
P464 71-7 Yorkshire Crowd Control x Master Piece Power Stroke 7/14/2017
P466 38-7 Berkshire Oak x Extreme Maker Classic 7/17/2017
P467 30-5 Berkshire Black Oak x Super Stroke Triple Threat 7/18/2017
P468 81-6 Hampshire Golden Glove x Power Point Outlaw 7/18/2017
P469 83-7 Hampshire The Game x Country Club Here I Am 7/20/2017
B304 37-12 Crossbred Wishbone x On the Rocks Bail Bond 7/21/2017
P471 68-6 Crossbred Criminal x Signature MVP 7/21/2017
P461 94-6 Yorkshire Crowd Control x Top Shot Priority One 7/27/2017
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