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Show pigs For Sale

Show Pigs for Sale!

We are expecting a powerful set of show pigs born in born this winter!  We have a great set born in December and are expecting some very exciting litters this January and February.   We also had a few November this year perfect for those Spring shows and the World Pork Expo!  We will be selling pigs online on and privately off the farm.  We will be posting more information about each online sale, along with a link to the sale as we get closer to the date.  Questions, call us at 765-789-8349.

Online Sale Dates

Online Sale #1 - Tuesday, February 12 – Selling November & December show pigs

  • Check out the pigs are selling - Questions call us at 765-789-8349

  • Online Sale #2 - Tuesday, March 5 – We have an Elite set of early January pigs for sale!

    Featuring Hampshire, Duroc, Yorkshire, Crossbred, Chester, Landrace and Tamworth Show Pigs.
  • To view the sale click here -

  • Online Sale #3 - Tuesday, March 26 – selling January and maybe a few February show pigs

    Featuring Hampshire, Duroc, Hereford, Chester, Berkshire, Landrace and Crossbred January and February barrows & gilts!
  • To view the sale click here -

  • Online Sale #4 - Tuesday, April 16 – selling January and February show pigs

    Selling late January and first of February show pigs!
  • To view the sale click here -

  • Online Sale #5 - Tuesday, May 7 – selling January, February, and March show pigs

    *the age of pigs in each could change as we farrow.
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