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About Us

Shaffer's Goldrush is a family owned and operated 4 generation swine farm that focuses on the show pig side of the industry. We have about 90 boars on stud in which we sell and ship semen all over the country. We currently have all major breeds in the stud including Hampshire, Duroc, Yorkshire, Landrace, Crossbred, Berkshire, Chester, Spot, Poland, Hereford, and Tamworth boars. We also run 125 show pig sows. We focus on raising elite show pigs that are competitive on all levels of competition. Besides show pigs, we also have open gilts, bred gilts, and boars for sale. We are here to help you any way that we can!

The Shaffer Goldrush Family

Kyle, Lynsee & Kashton Pullen, Terry & Michelle Shaffer, Aimee, Cooper & Bradley Inskeep Joseph Redford
Not Pictured: Delbert Redford

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