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Preparing Pigs for the Shaffer Goldrush Customer Appreciation Sale

Every year on the 2nd Saturday of March we hold our annual Shaffer Goldrush Customer Appreciation Sale!  It is in Richmond, IN at the Wayne County Fairgrounds.

This year the Shaffer Goldrush Customer Appreciation Sale is being held on March 9th, 2013!  We hope to see you there!

This is a great event to market December and early January show pigs that are sired by Goldrush boars!  We try our best to advertise the event and cosigners who are bringing pigs to the sale.  We do this by listing the cosigners along with what they may potentially bring to the sale on our website and our facebook page.  We also encourage cosigners to upload pictures of the pigs they are bringing to sale to our facebook page.  We can point potential customers and buyers to the sale to these pages.

Whether this is your first time bringing pigs to a sale or 100th time, it is always a good thing and get your name out in the industry.  That is our goal is to help not only sell your pigs at the sale but also get your name out in the show pig world to help you market the pigs that you have at home!

When preparing pigs to come to the Customer Appreciation Sale here are some tips to help make your experience enjoyable and profitable.

1.  Separate pigs out that you are planning on bringing to the sale — We suggest a few weeks before the sale that you separate the pigs you are planning on bringing into another pen.  This is for several of reasons – 1.  Pen space is limited at sales and generally you get 1 or 2 pens depending on the number of pigs that you bring.  If you are bringing pigs from different litter or pens this allows enough time for the pigs to get used to get each and they will not be fighting at the sale.  2.  You can start dialing in on these guys and working with them.

2. Clip the pigs — Trim the pigs up to make them presentable to the potential buyers.  You do not have to clip them tight, but trim up the hair on their heads and any long hair on their bodies.  We suggest doing this a week or so before the sale because baby pigs are not the easiest to clip!

3.  Keep their pens clean — Keep their pens clean and dry.  We all know that baby pigs love to play in their feed and water and keeping their pens clean can be a challenge.  However try your best.  This helps keep their skin and hair looking healthy.

4.  Spend time with the pigs — I know that this sounds silly but take time to sit in the pen with the pigs.  Brush them down daily, pet them, and get them used to you.  This helps when you are at the sale and you are getting them ready at the sale.  It also is easier for people to look at the pigs in the pens and in the aisle way during the sale.

5.  Condition their skin — Start brushing and working on their skin before the sale.  This gives them the pigs that healthy glow and shine.  We use Sudden Impact or like products  to work on keeping their hair and skin looking good.

6.  Have the pigs practice drinking — Know how you will be watering the pigs at the sale.  If you will be having your pigs drink out of a bucket, start in advance making them drink out of a bucket at home.  If you are bringing a nipple waterer for them to drink out of, make sure they know how to use it.  Also, the water may taste different to the pigs.  If you are worried they will not drink the ‘new’ water, start mixing some electrolytes or flavoring in the water at home to get them used to the new flavor and mix it in with the water at the sale.

7.  Feed — Have the pigs on a high quality show feed to prepare them for the sale.  We suggest using a sale prep or like feed.  Talk to you local feed guy, give us a call, or someone who has attended the sale in the past to see what they suggest.  This helps give the pigs that bloomy look.  However don’t go too crazy, because sometimes this feed can cause their stool to be loose.

What to Bring to the Sale

1.  Paperwork for the Sale — For our sale, you will need to bring your original health paper and copies of the health papers.

2.  Shavings – We do not provide shavings for the sale so bring at least 1 bag per pen.  Also make sure you bring enough in case you need to change out shavings while you are there.

3.  Pen Cards — Make pen cards and signs about the pigs you are bringing to the sale to hang on your pen.  We recommend that you have the sire, dam, and date of birth of all of the pigs that you will be bringing to the sale.  We also suggest that you have pictures of the boar you used, picture of the dam, past champions you raised, and any other information that you may have that will help promote your pigs.

4.  Heat Lamps — You do not need to have these, but if your pigs are used to really warm environments then a heat lamp would be helpful during the night.  We do have the heat on in the building and keep it warm in there, however with doors opening and closing, it can get a little chilly at times on Friday night.

5.  Show Supplies — You do not need a lot of show supplies for the sale but a brush, spray bottle, easy clean (so you don’t have to wash them and the wash racks are outside!), and any kind of spray to add a shine to them.  Also throw a show whip or something to move the pigs up and down the aisle for customers to look at.

6.  Feed — Bring feed the pigs are used to bringing.  However we also suggest to bring another kinds of feed as well (ex. sow feed, grower feed, nursery feed, etc) in case the pigs do not want to eat when they get to the sale.  This way you have several different types of feeds to try.

Follow Up After the Sale

If you bring purebreds to sell at the sale, we suggest that you transfer the pigs to the new owners name as soon as we send them to you.  Also if you have individual registrations on the pigs before the sale, you can bring the registration paper signed to the sale and give it directly to the buyer.  We just like to make sure that everything gets done in a timely fashion.  It makes the buyers happy as well!

We are very excited for this excited for this effect and we hope that it is not only profitable for the cosigners but fun for the entire family!  As always, let us know if you have any questions!  Can’t wait to see you there!


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