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Sky Cam x Visionary x Closet Monster

Bred by Diamond V Show Pigs, MN

Stress Negative

Fall Pricing (Oct. 14th - Nov 30th)
Regular Price: $50 a dose
Overrun Price: $35 a dose

Winter Pricing (December 1- February 29)

Regular Price: $75 a dose
Winter Price: $50 a dose
Overrun Price: $35

Diamond was our 2016 Indiana State Fair Crossbred boar favorite. This guy is flawless in his design and may be one of the best barrow making boars to arrive here at Goldrush. He is a tall fronted, up headed, wide chested boar coming at you, with a huge center rib as you study him from the side. Where you get extremely excited is when he leaves you, he has an ideal square hip and hind leg. He also has a great appetite as well. I encourage everyone to go to view his video!


Champions Sired by Diamond
*Reserve Champion Breeding Gilt - 2017 Ohio County, IN
*Grand Champion Gilt - 2017 Pulaski County Fair, IN
*Grand Champion Barrow - 2017 Pulaski County Fair, IN


Videos of Diamond

2016 Open House:  Diamond at the 2016 Open House

2019 Open House:  Diamond at the 2019 Open House


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