Gestation Calendar 05/26/2020 Breed Today for Sep 17 Litters


Red Handed x Ruthless x Times Square x Super Monster

Bred by Vickrey Family

Stress Negative

Summer Pricing
Regular Price:$100 a dose
Summer Price: $50 a dose
6-9 doses: $45 a dose
10+doses:  $35 a dose

Powerful off farm purchase!

Horton represents the next generation of Elite, New Boars here at Goldrush.  Our belief that Great Boars from Great Sows is on display here in that Horton’s dam is a littermate to the 2016 Grand Champion Market Hog at the National Western Stock Show in Denver and she was also named Grand Champion Breeding Gilt three times and Reserve Champion Breeding Gilt once on the 2016 Ohio Winter Jackpot Circuit.  Horton is a big legged, power hog that has the potential to sire hogs at any level of competition.  He is a wide chested, big topped, square made boar with a tremendous set of running gears.  Horton is a thick skulled, big bladed boar with a tremendous amount of muscle throughout his hip and hind leg.  We love his color pattern and if you need just a little more extension and natural width from front to rear, then use Horton. 

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