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Shipping & Billing

Ordering, Shipping and Billing Information

Ordering Information
Normal Collection Days are every Monday & Thursday. All semen must be pre-paid, shipped COD or paid via a credit card.
Semen can be pre-booked by calling 765-789-8349. Some boars book up fast so we suggest pre-booking in order to get the sire you are looking for. If a boar is filling up, we can put you a waiting list and let you know on collection after 9 am if you will be able to get him.

Over Run Semen
Over run semen starts at 11 AM EST on collection days and runs all day on non-collection days. Over Run semen is when collected doses exceeds received orders, so we offer discount pricing.

**Make sure to check out the pricing page. Throughout the year we run specials such as Over Run Semen Prices All Day and other great seasonal discounted prices. So there is no need to wait until noon to order!**
**Pricing on the current boar’s page is the correct pricing**

Breed Specific Semen
If you are a first time breeder or looking for a way to save money, Breed Specific Semen is for you. You tell us the breed and we pick out the boar for you. We do this $25 a dose! You will know what boar it is and be able to register all purebreds. Note: When we only have 1 boar on stud in the breed, that breed will not be eligible for breed specific.

Cancellation Policy
We understand that there are times when you may need to cancel or change a placed order. Sows sometimes have their own time tables. If you need to cancel an order, please let us know by 9 am EST on the day of the collection. This is to allow other customers the opportunity to purchase the semen. All cancellation made after 9 am are the responsibility of the purchaser, this includes the price of the semen.

We ship everything UPS Next Day unless otherwise stated.
**UPS does not guarantee ground shipments and they usually delivered in the evening
For other shipping arrangement, such as Fed Ex, please call the office at 765-789-8349 in advance so we can make pick up arrangement.

Pick Up at the Office
For those who live within driving distance, you can pick up semen at our office 7 days a week. Please call ahead at 765-789-8349 and we will have it packaged and waiting on you.

Remote Pick Up Location between Walton & Galveston, IN
We are excited to offer a remote pick up location between Walton & Galveston, IN. Lynsee is at the farm during peak season on Mondays & Thursdays. She can take your semen package home with her for you to pick up. We also have select overrun semen available as well at this location.
Pick Up is located about 1 ½ miles West of HWY 35 between Galveston & Walton. This is about a 20 minute drive from Kokomo & Logansport and about an hour from Lafayette. Call us at 765-789-8349 to schedule a pick up here or to see what overrun is available.

Saturday Delivery
We can ship for Saturday delivery if it is available in your area. You can call us at 765-789-8349 and we can look up if Saturday delivery is available or not in your area. Sometimes rural areas do not, but cities have it. We are more than happy to work with you on finding a place to have your semen delivered.

Billing Information
All semen must be pre-paid, shipped COD or paid via credit card. We accept all major credit cards, Visa, Master Card, Discover, and American Express.

For billing information and questions about your account, please call Shelley at the office at 765-789-8349.