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20-11 Cross Sow - Tag# B220

Sow breeding:  Mile High x Motown 


Bred to Party Up North for December 2016 litter



27-8 Cross Sow Tag #211

Sire:On the Rocks

Dam: Air Raid

Bred to: Monument Circle

Due: January 2015

40-1 Cross Sow Tag# P212

Sire:  Major Time 

Dam:  Lola (Focus x Casino)

Service Sire:  Bate Motel 

Date Farrow:  Early January 2015

40-2 Cross Sow Tag# P206

Sire: Major Time

Dam: Lola (Focus x Casino)


84-11 Cross Sow Tag# B224

Sire: Force of Nature

Dam:  Capital Investment x Air Raid


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