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Aids in Sow Uterine Health

We are excited to bring you a new product that aids in your sows uterine health. After your sow farrows, use one bag to help cleanze out her uterious. You simply use a breeding rod and then connect the bag of CleanZe to the rod and gently squeeze.

Directions: Use day 1 post farrow. Insert catheter into the sow and then twist cap off of the bag. Connect bag to the catheter and then gently squeee until bag is empty.

Volume: 600 mL

Contains: water, salts, preservatives and proprietary ingredients.

Cost: $7.50 a bag plus shipping

Breeding rods are $0.50 a piece

Shipping: We will ship UPS Ground or
can be picked up at the farm.

To order: Call us at 765-789-8349

Not for human use

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