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Lethal x Power Point

Bred by: George & Mike Watson

$70,000 High Selling Hampshire at 2017 NSR Summer Type Conference

EN: 24-5

Registration #495347005

Stress Negative

Hampshire Breed Purity Test Status: Passed at 93%


Fall Discount Pricing

Starting October 15

Full Price: $150 a dose

Fall Discount: $75 a dose

Overrun: $50 a dose

Prime Time is BIG TIME!  He was the $70,000 High Selling Hampshire Boar and our pick of the Hampshire boars at the 2017 NSR Summer Type Conference.  This massive made, impressively powerful boar has a wide, bold chest laid in him with a huge forearm and foot!  As you get on top of this boar he is unmatched in his top shape and width down his spine leading into a monster hip!  His remarkable amount of mass is complemented by his flexibility on the move!  Prime Time can flat walk!  Rarely can you find a Hampshire boar with this much muscle, on a huge foot and bone, and a hind leg designed that perfect.  Bottom line.... Prime Time is the must use boar of the season!

Watch a vidoe of Prime Time:  Prime Time 2018 Open House

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