Gestation Calendar 11/29/2021
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One Of A Kind

Breed This X All Fired Up

Bred by Robert Wehmer and Family

Hampshire Purity Test Status: Passed New Breed Purity Test 90%

EN:  19-5

Registration #503612005

Stress Negative 

$38K STC Boar


Starting October 11

Winter Pricing

Full Price: $100 a dose

Winter Price: $50 a dose

Overrun: $40 a dose

He truly is ONE OF A KIND!  There are certain boars that you see that grab a hold of you, in a must have, cannot leave without him way.  When One of a Kind hit the ring, Terry, Aimee, Lynsee, and Bradley each had him circled for must go back and look at him again.  At the back of the barn it was confirmed, he must come to Goldrush.  $38,000 later he did indeed!  One of a Kind is so good in his basic build!  He is correct at the ground, incredibly sound, and massive boned.  This sets the foundation for his power up high.  His rib shape is incredible, his back is wide, his hip is stout, and he provides just the right amount of power.  If you want to talk about making hogs that will stand out in the show ring, yet come home and still chow down and bounce back for the next show or stay in the keeper pen to make the next generation better, give us a call and let’s talk about ONE OF A KIND!