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Super Stroke

Superfly x Different Strokes

Bred by Albright Swine Farms, MI

.69 BF  8.1 LEA at 300 lbs  1.61 WDA

Ear Notch: 60-1

Registration #123977001

Stress Negative


Full Pricing (starting Aug 12th)
Regular Price: $75 a dose
Overrun Price: $35 a dose

Popular Class 7 Winning Berkshire Boar at the 2014 CPS STC!

Super Stroke was the Class 7 winner at the 2014 Summer Type Conference. His grandmother is the dam of the 2014 Reserve Grand Champion Gilt Overall at San Antonio. Our belief in selecting elite herd sires from proven, elite sow lines still holds true in our selection of Super Stroke. As we analyzed all the boars on our list at the Type Conference we kept coming back to this heavy boned, heavy muscled, thick topped, big hip boar that was super sound. We were extremely excited to bring this guy home to Albany. Super Stroke is bold skulled and clean up through his throat with his chine bone laid in between his blades ideally. He comes out of his shoulder with as much width and grove down his loin as any boar that was Springfield. His hip is truly square and wide with an ideal tail head placement. His depth of body and center rib is exactly what is needed to compete in this highly competitive breed.

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