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Shock Collar x Let’s Roll
Bred by Adam Hendricks, IN
$100 per dose

EN 1-4

Reg # 159997004

Family Guy

Junks Berry x Head Geer
Bred by Clint High Farms

$16,000 World Record Selling & Grand Hereford Boar 2014 IN State Fair
Grand Champion Hereford Boar 2014 Ohio State Fair

Ear Notch: 19-7

Registration #151859



Doug E Fresh x Ready to Rumble

Bred by Quesenberry's, OH

EN: 5-2

Registration # 161093002

Let's Ride

Ready to Rumble x Sycamore
Bred by Albright’s, MI

Littermate to Champion Hereford Gilt at the 2014 Team Purebred Junior National

Ear Notch: 3-1

Registration #152911



Rapid Fire x Shock Collar
Bred by Schipper’s, IN

EN 1-2

Registration #160270002

Rapid Fire

Red Sox x Yellow Jacket

Bred by Savannah Bordner
Shown by Doug Loof
.87 BF 9.1 LEA 1.63 ADG at 285 lbs

EN: 1-1

Reg #155532001




Ring of Fire x Family Guy

Bred by D & H Show Stock

Stress Negative

EN  10-4

Registration #561070004

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