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About Tam Time


Trump x Dozer
Bred by Shaffer Goldrush

EN: 52-6

Reg #274131


Fully Loaded x Home Brew
Bred by Norman Brothers, IL

EN 12-2

Registration #143594002

Air Raid

Mack Attack x Timber
Bred by Jim Grimm, IA

All Star

Ready to Rumble x Frost Bite
Anderson Twigg Showpigs, IN
7.5 LEA at 300 lbs 1.70 WDA

Grand Champion Hereford Boar - 2014 CPS STC

Ear Notch: 1-1

Registration #152419


Zeus x Supreme
Bred by Cedar Ridge, IL

Arch Way

Gate Way x Kodiak

• Stress Negative

Bred by Shaffer's

EN: 3-7

Registration #503262007

Atlanta Snow

Tightrope x Mighty Buck 

Bred by Wynn Farms, OH

Stress Negative

Ear Notch: 51-7

Registration #550200007

Auto Steer

Royal Flush x Buck Fever

Bred by Albright Swine Farms

Back Woods

Moonshine x Beefcake

• Stress Negative

Bred by Rick Sheets & Family

Ear Notch: 84-1

Registration #526468001

Banner Time

Mojo 6-2 x Joe 10-3
Bred by Don Linneman, Sycamore, IL


Raise the Bar x Don’t Matter
Bred by: Armstrong Genetics, IL

Owned with Southern Gold Sires
Stress: Negative




Bates Motel

Bred by Brad Bates, OH
Deliverance x Monster Pipe
Born 1/1/14
Stress Carrier
10.8 LEA .63 BF at 325 lbs 1.79 WDA

Reserve Grand Champion Crossbred Boar 2014 NSR STC

Beast Mode

Point Maker x Augusta
Bred by Ashleigh Funkhouser, IN
Stress Negative

Ear Notch: 1-2

Registration #486914002

Bench Mark

Forearm x The Best

• Stress Negative
.65 BF 8.9 LEA

Bred by Rodibaugh's, IN

Ear Notch: 19-4

Registration # 140322004

Best Shot

Best Man x Deuce Bigalow

Bred by Curry Allen, TX
Stress Negative

Big Alias

Big Step x Alias

• Stress Carrier

Bred by Ottenwalter, IN

Big Attraction

Stick This x Major Feat x Fatal Attraction
Bred by Tom Moyer & Family, OH

Big Buck

Buck Cherry x Buck Cherry
Bred by Brinning & Marek Farms, IA

Big League

Lifetime x Milestone

Bred by Brett Beyers
Stress Negative

EN: 5-6

Reg # 361849006

Big Splash

Roscoe x Alpha Male 45-1

• Stress Negative

Bred by Sam Malcolm, IN

EN: 1-6

Registration #98928006

Big Ten

Hennesy x Jeager
Bred by Nelson Bros, SD

EN: 174-7

Registration #331717007

Big Texas

Buck Cherry x Buck Cherry

• Stress Negative

Bred by Range, IL

Ear Notch: 12-4

Registration #331714004

Big Timber

Dead On x Big Stick x All Natural
Bred by Tom Moyer & Family, OH

Billy The Kid

Gun Slinger x Big Express
Bred by Travis Perry
Owned with Chris Schillinger & Bell Ag Farms

Black Granite

Mr. Deeds x Big Time 81-11 (Big Guns littermate sister)
Bred by Travis Perry
Raised by Chris Schillinger

Stress Carrier

Black Jack

King x Headliner

Bred by: Dan’s Durocs

• Stress Negative
.67 BF 8.1 LEA 1.6 WDA at 291 lbs

Black Oak

Oak x Different Strokes

• Stress Negative
Bred by David Meyers, IN

Ear Notch: 10-9

Registration #117915009


Black Smoke


Warrior x Drop Down x Rock Solid
Bred by Scott Graf, IN
Stress Carrier


Wild Fire x Ultimate Answer

• Stress Negative

Bred by Bryan Bennett, IL
Owned with Bennett's, IL

EN: 2-4

Registration #42721004

Boilermaker Express

Big Time x Fatal x America's Choice

Bold Force

Final Drive x Beef Cake

• Stress Negative

Bred by Isla Grande, OH

EN: 6-7

Reg #527123007

Buck Dynasty

Big Buck x Hoosier x Power Shift
Bred by Shaffer Goldrush

Ear Notch: 4-2

Registration #340709002

Bull Rider

Yak II x Gods Gift

• Stress Negative

Bred by Range & Luechtefeld

Ear Notch: 50-7

Registration #325777007


Sumo x Tank
Bred by Thompson, OH

Capital Investment

Augusta x Real Appeal

• Stress Negative
WDA 1.72 LEA 10.2 BF .96 at 330 lbs

Bred by Taylor & Alyssa Sobasky
Owned with Roger & Samuel Diehm Drew & Delbert Peters

Ear Notch: 27-5

Registration # 474215005

Capital One

Capital Investment x Lug Nut

Bred by Delbert & Trevor Peters, IN

Captain Hook

Off The Hook x Goliath
Bred by Brandon Ogle

Chill Factor

Ott To Do It x General Lee
Bred by the Mills Girls, IL

Class Act

Wide Range x Preacher

• Stress Negative
Reg. # 479922009 EN 16-9
Bred by George & Mike Watson

EN: 16-9

Reg # 479922009

Classic ATM

Classic Steal x ATM
Bred by Brock & Caleb Rule, IN

Ear Notch: 18-4

Registration #139642004

Code Red

BR 549 x Big Rigg

Bred by Chad Day/Dave Guyer

Stress Negative

EN: 20-3

Reg #363595003


Bone Thug x Moonshine

Bred by Lawyer Showpigs, IN

Cookie Monster

Shot Gun Wedding x Different Strokes
Bred by Greg Shafer
Stress Negative
Grand Champion Berkshire Boar 2014 Illinois State Fair

Ear Notch: 2-8
Registration #124608008

Country Club

Capital Investment x Progress

Bred by Shaffer's Goldrush
Owned by Gary Williams, IN

Ear Notch: 18-3

Registration #479978003


Outlaw x Pivot Point x Homemade 17-3 x Real Deal

Bred by Steve Harvey, IN
Owned with Delbert Peters, IN
Stress Negative

EN: 29-1

Reg #488792001





Wishbone x Shooter
Bred by Williams Show Pigs, FL
Stress Negative


Predestined x Bed Rock
Bred by Steve and Aaron Cobb


Changer x Wide Out

• Stress Carrier
*Please note the change in his stress status.

Questions call 888.690.2022.

Bred by Norman Bros & Sons, IL

EN 33-3

Registration #153012003

Extreme Makeover

Gary Coleman x Black Magic

• Stress Negative

Bred by Mauck's, IN

Ear Notch:  16-1
Registration #113579001

Final Shot

Big Shot x Major Feat
Bred by Bates, OH Price


Fire & Ice x Marty 6-1

Bred by Sara & Jason Geer

Ear Notch: 56-8

Registration #147520


Big Stick x Crossfire
Bred by McClain, IN

Flash Mob

Unrival x (Showcase x Alias 17-2)

• Stress Carrier

Bred by Flaspohler Girls, IN

Force Of Nature

Shoot 'Em x Head On

• Stress Carrier

Bred by Ottenwalter, CA
.79 BF 8.9 LEA at 308 lbs

Fort Knox

Surreal x Affirmative

Bred by Mark Long
Owned with Delbert & Trevor Peters

Ear Notch 2-1

Registration #177847001



Outlaw x Eye Opener
Bred by Engler Family, IA
$60,000 Top Selling Hampshire Boar 2015 Indiana State Fair

Stress Negative

Full Size

One Ton x Power Train
Bred by Isla Grande Farms, OH


Full Circle x JFF 101 1-7
Bred by Miranda Malone, IL


V8 x Totally Awesome
Bred by Brett Goff Family


Reserve Grand Champion Duroc Boar from 2014 NSR STC
Bred by Derek Moore
Iconic x High Roller
Born 1/6/14
Stress Negative
9.6 LEA .85 BF at 325 lbs 1.83 WDA

Ear Notch: 1-3

Registration #353867003


Hedge Post x Glacier

• Stress Negative

.43 BF • 10.16 LEA • 64.11% Lean
Bred by Tracy Lorenzen

Ear Notch: 1-3

Regisration #484888003


Fenton Boar x Steam Roller

Bred by Maple Grove Farms
Owned with D & H Show Stock & LaFollettes

Ear Notch: 3-6

Registration #271942

Ghost Rider

Big Alias x Crossfire

Stress Status:  Positive

Bred by Shaffer Goldrush


Warrior x Capital Investment x Master Card

Bred by Shaffer Goldrush
Stress Carrier

Got More Of It

Can't Touch This x Easy Stride
Bred by Kimmel Brothers, IN

Grave Digger

Fatal Attraction x Visual Effect'
Bred by Robert Wehmer & Family, IN

Great Impact

Big Buck x Big Red

EN: 41-1

Registration #3340800001

Guns Loaded

Benchpress x Doctor Watson

• Stress Negative

Bred by Grimm Purebreds, IA
9.8 LEA, .70 BF at 255 lbs

En 10-7

Registration #542596007



No Debate x Point Take
Bred by Engler’s
Owned with Joostberbs
Stress Negative
EN 4-3
Reg # 486836003


Banner Time x Loof sow

Bred by Shaffer's

EN: 15-8

Registration #148480

High Geer

Dazer x Mr. Rusty

Bred by Geer’s, OH
Owned with H & D Showpigs

Ear Notch: 27-1

Registration #239381

Hillbilly Tuxedo

Point Maker x Hat Trick

Bred by Norman Bros & Son, IL
• Stress Negative
8.7 LEA, .91 BF at 305 lbs


EN:  2-2

Registration # 482287002



Holdin' Tight

Bull x Substitution
Bred by Westcamps, OH
Stress Negative
.84 BF 9.9 LEA at 333 lbs, 1.77 WDA
Grand Champion Landrace Boar 2014 Ohio State Fair

Ear Notch: 13-3

Registration #124777003


Sun Tea x Lola (Focus x Casino)
Bred by Shaffer's


Power Wagon x Ox
Bred by Bennett's, IL


Outlook x Blade

Bred by: Adam Hendricks, IN

• Stress Negative
.66 BF 10.5 LEA at 327 lbs

EN: 6-8

Registration #117325008


Triple Crown x Stimulus Package

• Stress Carrier

Bred by Diesen Show Pigs
8.7 LEA & .94 BF at 325 lbs, 1.61 WDA

Ice Breaker

Bone Crusher x Heavy Hitter
Bred by Clay Kincaid, IN
8.0 LEA .86 BF at 295 lbs 1.71 WDA

Ear Notch: 1-9

Registration #145332009


Glacier x Thunder
Bred by Lorenzen Farms, IL


Earle x Deep Threat x Ace in the Hole

Bred by Malcolm Family Farms, IN

Stress Carrier

Iron Horse

Iron Man x Holy Cow
Bred by Earl Cain & Family, IA


America's Choice x Sweetness
Bred by AJ Williams, IN

Sired the...
2008 Fall Classic - Duncan, OK
• Grand Champion Yorkshire Weanling Male
2006 Georgia National
• Reserve Grand Champion Yorkshire Gilt
2006 National Junior Summer Spectacular
• Reserve Grand Champion Bred & Owned Yorkshire Gilt
2005 Indiana State Fair
• Reserve Senior Champion Yorkshire Boar
2004 Indiana State Fair
• Top Selling Yorkshire & $65,000 Reserve CHampion

Land Mine

Historic x Rock Solid

Bred by Ed & Brad Mortensen, MI

Last Call

Greeter x Augusta

• Stress Negative
Bred by Goehring, WI

EN: 18-8

Registration #477717008


Motown x Lola (Focus x Casino)

• Stress Negative

Bred by Shaffer's

Light's Out

Light’s Out
Takin’ Names x Backwoods x Arch Way
Bred by Shaffer’s


Lonzo x The Grizz

• Stress Negative

Bred by Tracy Lorenzen, IL

Ear Notch: 64-3

Registration #539521003

Lone Star

Kickin' Wings x Rodeo Red

Bred by Chad Hill Durocs

Grand Champion Duroc Boar 2014 Southwest Type Conference in Belton, TX

Ear Notch: 19-2

Registration #350520002

Major Stick

Stick This x Major Feat x Blow Out
Bred by Tom Moyer & Family, OH

Major Time

Major Impact x Invincible
Bred by DGS Swine (Strom), IL.

Man Of Steel

Superman x Different Strokes x Oak

• Stress Negative
Bred by & Owned with Larry White

Ear Notch: 7-5
Registration #117887005


Herschel x Champion Hereford at 2009 ISF

Bred by: Derek Barker

EN: 1-3

Reg #150232

Master Card

Priceless x Muscle Shirt
Bred by Mark Taulman, IN


Roids x Time Change

Bred by Norman Brothers, IL

EN: 21-4

Reg #: 157726004

Midnight Express

Midnight Special x Perfect 10
Bred by Ryan Stohlquist, IL

2008 Indiana State Fair Exotic Classic
• Grand Champion Exotic Boar

Mile High

Super Monster x Cowboy Up

• Stress Negative

Bred & Owned with Diamond V Show Pigs

Monster Wave

Red Wave x CNN 2-2

Bred by LaFollettes

EN: 4-1

Registration #145955


MoJo x Super Freak
Bred by No Limit Genetics, CA


Got More of It x Deep N Wide
Bred by Shaffer's

Mountain Man

Backwoods x Arch Way x One Ton

• Stress Negative

Bred by Shaffer's

Ear Notch: 10-1

Registration #541095001

Mud Slinger


Bottoms Up x All You Want
Bred by James Schinbeckler, IN
.58 BF 9.4 LEA 1.72 ADG at 335 lbs

New Deal

New Divide x Lickity Split
Bred by Pullen Family, IN


New Level x Better Be Ready

Bred by Adam Hendricks, IN

EN:  11-7

Registration #553770007

On The Rocks

Black Onyx x Bartender

• Stress Carrier

Bred by Schulte Brothers, OH
.83 BF 12 LEA at 375 lbs

Optimus Prime

Transformer x Blind Faith

• Stress Negative

At 230 lbs 1.89 WDA .6 BF 7.8 LEA
Bred by Brazel Show Stock, IN

EN 30-1

Registration #149183001


Double Mint x Heartbeat
Bred by Ryan Knight, IL


Gone Viral x Fatal 87-2 x High Cotton

• Stress Negative

Bred by Diamond V Show Pigs

Platt Attack

Daddy Mack x Beef Cake

• Stress Negative

Bred by Travis Platt, IN

Ear Notch: 26-1

Registration #509939001

Power Drive

Like No Other x Nom Nom Nom
Bred by John Rinker, IN

Ear Notch: 31-1

Registration #44598001

Power Move

Leap Frog x B&B
Bred by Jake Gossett, IN

Power Point

Point Maker x Soda Pop

Bred by Kevin Wendt & Family
• Stress Negative
8.7 LEA .91 BF at 305 lbs

EN: 6-3

Reg #481066003


Southern Comfort x Stomp the Ring

• Stress Negative

Bred by Myron Halford, TX
Owned with Mike Watson, IN

EN: 2-4

Registration #471900004


Bred by Trey & Cade Fecke, IL
Peaches x Augusta
Born 1/16
Stress Negative
8.3 LEA .76 BF at 300 lbs 1.79 WDA

Ear Notch: 22-5

Registration #484864005

Rain Dance

Bold Gold x Texas Flood

Bred by: Sharrett Family Farms, Ohio
1.71 ADG 9.5 LEA .89 BF At 310 lbs

EN: 9-2

Registration #478880002

Reachin' High

Mile High x Motown

• Stress Negative

Bred by Shaffer Goldrush
9.9 LEA, .89 BF at 295 lbs

Record Breaker

Cornerstone x Mister
Bred by Thomas Shanafelt, IN
8.5 LEA at 310 lbs 1.77 WDA

World Record Selling Tamworth Boar & Grand Champion Tamworth Boar - 2014 CPS STC

Ear Notch: 10-7

Registration #272426

Red Cloud


Hickory x Frost Bite
Bred by Shaffer Goldrush

Red Dirt

Rhys x Lumberjack

• Stress Negative

Bred By Triple C Hog Farm

EN: 1-1

Registration #502192001

Red Wave

Exodus Son x Broocky
Bought from Andy Howe, IN


Grand Mentality x Gray-cie (Triple x Big Sky)

Bred by WinMor Farms

Owned with Coyote Farms

Stress Negative


MF9 Rusty 20-1 x GAF11 59-2

Bred by D&H Show Stock, IN

Ear Notch: 6-2

Registration #272747


Point Taken x Home Grown

• Stress Negative 
 Bred by Heimer Hampshires, MO

Ear Notch: 119-3

Registration #479166003

Right Way

Gate Way x Strategy x Kodiak
Bred by Shaffer’s


High Performance x Easy Stride
Bred by Shaffer's

Road Trip

Day Tripper x Tank
Bred by Grimm Purebreds

Rock & Roll

Big Clydesdale x Holy Smoke

Rock Candy

Triple Rock x Headliner

Bred by Grand Slam Swine Genetics, TX

Ear Notch: 6-2

Registration #339366002

Royal Guard

Royal Guard
Royal Palace x Full Blown
Bred by Shaffer’s
Stress Negative

Ear Notch: 19-2

Registration #351319002

Royal Palace

Crown Royal x Gator

• Stress Negative

Bred by Weisinger Farms, IA

EN: 111-2

Registration #343024002


One & Only x Long Time Coming
Bred by Gibson Girls, OH

Rumor Has It

Spike x Buck Fifty

• Stress Negative

Bred by Thompson Brothers, OH

EN: 34-1

Registration #529546001

Rush Hour

AG1 142653002 (an Out Cold son) x Heartbreaker 

Bred by Rick Hedrick, IN

Ear Notch: 2-10

Registration #143582010


Survivor X 9-6 Sow

EN: 20-1

Reg #232352


Air Raid x Gate Way
Bred by Shaffer’s


Gate Way x Focus x Kodiak

• Stress Negative

Bred by Aimee & Lynsee Shaffer

Ear Notch:2-6

Registration #510236006

Shot Gun

Road Trip x Kodiak
Bred by Aimee & Lynsee Shaffer, IN

Show Time

Buckeye x High Hope


To the Extreme x Illusion

• Stress Negative

Bred by Gardner Farms, IN

Ear Notch: 2-5

Registration #143505005


Square One x Leverage
Bred by Wintex Farms, TX

Singin' The Blues

Stimulus x Daddy Sang Bass
• Stress Negative
LEA 8.5 at 290 lbs.
Muscle, Bone, Show Ring Style!
Bred by Wippel Family Berks, OH

Ear Notch:  30-1

Registration # 101090001

Slick Willie

Si x Classic ATM
Bred by: Shaffer Goldrush

Owned with:  Southern Gold Sires 
Ear Notch: 13-1
Registration Number: 147087001



Smart Move

Final Move x Revolution
Bred by Sharrett, OH

Smoky Bear

Huggy Bear x Mar
Bred by Earnharts, IN

Southern Comfort

Southern Tea x Progress
Bred by Shaffer’s


Greeter x Augusta

• Stress Negative
Bred by Goehring, WI

Ear Notch: 18-14

Registration #477717014

Star Buck

Buck Dandy x Full Shift
Bred by Mappes Durocs, OK

Steel Force

Full Monte x Gunslinger x Big Time 81-11
Bred by Travis Perry, IN
Stress Negative
Owned with Chris Schillinger


Takin’ Names x Gringo (Stella)

Bred by Shaffer’s Goldrush
Stress Negative

EN: 92-4

Reg: 569450004

Stick It

Magic Stick x Fatal 87-2
Bred by Frontline Genetics

Sugar Bear

Bear x Detox

Bred by Allen, Karen, Katie, & Blake Davis, AR

Stress Carrier

Sun Tea

Sweet Tea X No Boundaries

Super Hero

Super 8 x Super 7
Bred by Rick Whitman, NE

2009 NSR Fall Classic, Duncan, OK
• Class Winning Crossbred Boar

Super Star

Star Buck x I-Got-It

• Stress Negative

Owned with Coyote Farms & Diamond V Show Pigs
Bred by Coyote Farms, IN

Ear Notch: 9-1

Registration #545414001

Takin' Names

Shakin' Hands x Snow Cat

• Stress Negative

Bred by Carter & Nolan Hoge
.69 BF 9.7 LEA at 292 lbs

Ear Notch: 3-6

Registration #548225006

Tee Time

Sweet Tea x U B The Judge
Raised by Bill Rosenbaum, IN

Texas Hold 'Em

Texas Flood x Grand Slam
Bred by McCoy’s, OH

Texas Storm

Swagger x Toxix 28-3

• Stress Carrier

Bred by Craig Bauman, TX

The Fridge

Augusta x Stainless Steel

Bred by Peters Hamps, IN


Big Timber x Major Time x Lola

• Stress Negative

Bred by Shaffer's


King x Triple Crown

Bred by: Stein & Smith Duroc

• Stress Negative
.55 BF 7.3 LEA 1.48 WDA at 277 lbs

Ear Notch: 12-4

Registration #345473004

Thunder Storm

Storm Chaser x Perfect Storm

Bred by Mench Polands, IN
Stress Negative
1.84 ADG 7.8 LEA

EN: 4-3

Reg #45867003

Thunder Struck

King x Crown Royal
Bred by Showtime Sires, IL

Tidal Wave

ET x Maximus

• Stress Negative
Bred by Hannah, Holden, & Hayden Miller

Reserve Champion Spot Boar 2013 CPS STC

Ear Notch: 13-11

Registration #152878011


Titan x Foundation
Bred by Shaffer's

Top Shot

Top Shot
Bred by Ricker Yorkshires, OH
Ricochet x Moonshine
Born 12/19
Stress Negative

 8.8 LEA .82 BF at 325 lbs 1.66 WDA

Ear Notch: 96-1

Registration #555625001

Total Eclipse

Shoot the Moon x Grizz 34-12

Bred by Kevin Ricker, OH

Ear Notch: 16-2

Registration #551520002


Track Star

Asia x Buckshot

• Stress Negative

Bred by Huinker Durocs LTD, IA

Grand Champion Duroc Boar 2012 World Pork Expo

Ear Notch: 91-8

Registration #333486008


Read 'Em & Weep (Intimidator son) x Intimidator
Bred by Earl Cain, IA

Trophy Buck

Big Buck x Only Approach

Bred by JJ Genetics

EN: 2-2

Registration #340115002


Dozer x Mr. Rusty

Bred by Don Geer

Ear Notch:53-5

Registration #270712

Tuxedo T-Shirt

Tuxedo T-Shirt
Hillbilly Tuxedo x Capital Investment x Texas Hold ‘Em
Bred by Shaffer’s

Ear Notch: 42-1

Registration #484435001



VP x Power Pack
Bred by Megan, TC, Tyler, Sean Salis, FL

War Admiral

WOW x Klondike
Bred by RAR, IA

War Paint

War Fare x War Fare
Bred by Curry Allen, TX


Bone Thug x War Fare

Bred by:  Kevin Thomas, TX

Stress Carrier

West Coast

Ultimate Force x Anonymous
Bred by Ottenwalter, CA


Augusta x Home Grown

• Stress Negative
LEA 8.5 BF .48 at 280 lbs
Bred by Gary, Vicki & Chad Funkhouser

Ear Notch: 7-3

Registration #473547003

Winning Touch

Family Guy x HM Rumor 20-3

Bred by D & H Show Pigs & Goldrush

EN:  10-6


Wired Hot

General Lee x Monopoly
Bred by Anna, Erica, Sarah, & Leah Mills, IL

Wood Shed

The Grizz x Beef Cake
Bred by George Watson, KY

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