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Top Shot

Top Shot
Bred by Ricker Yorkshires, OH
Ricochet x Moonshine
Born 12/19
Stress Negative

 8.8 LEA .82 BF at 325 lbs 1.66 WDA

Ear Notch: 96-1

Registration #555625001

Regular Price: $75 a dose
Winter Price:
$25 a dose for 2-5 doses
$20 a dose for 6-8 doses
$18 a dose for 9-11 doses
$15 a dose for 12+ doses

Top Shot is not only comes from a powerful herd and pedigree, but phenotypically he is as complete and correct as they come. As you get down and analyze this guy he is extremely square at the ground and comfortable on the move. He takes a long, athletic stride out on the move. In fact when we were picturing him, all he wanted to do was run! He never tired down or ran out of gas. He could seriously get out go all day long. We just love this trait in hogs. From the side, he is super attractive, he is tall at the point of shoulder and correct in his ham/loin junction. In terms of muscle shape, he has a wide, crisp top that connects into a stout hip. His pedigree is also impressive. Ricochet was raised by Kevin last year and was the Reserve Champion boar that 2013 NSR STC. His mom is a Moonshine sow who is out of the same sow that produced the 2011 Champion Yorkshire Gilt and Reserve Overall Gilt at the NJSA Summer Spectacular. (The Champion Gilt was sired by Arch Way!). Also as you research both sides of the pedigree, Kodiak keeps popping up. Kodiak is at the root of our Yorkshire herd here at Goldrush. We are extremely excited to have Top Shot here at Goldrush as he combines so many positives that are needed in Yorkshires today.


Champions Sired by Top Shot

*Reserve Senior Champion Crossbred Boar - 2015 Indiana State Fair

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