Gestation Calendar 07/05/2020 Breed Today for Oct 27 Litters

Here I Am

Outlaw x Revolution
Bred by Shaffer Goldrush
Stress Negative
EN: 28-2
Registration #490974002

Hampshire Breed Purity Test Status: Passed New Breed Purity Test 96%

Click here to view a video of HERE I AM- Here I Am at the 2016 Open House , Here I Am video in yard & Here I am at the 2018 Open House


We think that HERE I AM is one the best and most exciting Hampshire Boars that we have put together in a long time! As you study him, he is wide chested, square topped, big hipped, deep sided, and extremely true in his design and make up. HERE I AM is also a full sib to the High Points Hampshire Barrow on the Indiana Circuit last summer. Give us a call at 888.690.2022 with questions on this guy or to set up an appointment to view him in person!

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