Gestation Calendar 11/14/2019 Breed Today for Mar 07 Litters



Blue Grass x Visionary x Tree Shaker x Super Monster

Raised by & Owned with Diamond V Farms

Stress Negative

ADG: 1.54  BF: 0.73  LEA: 8.0 at 317 Days

Winter Discounted Pricing
Starting December 1st 
Regular Price:  $ 125 a dose
Winter Price: $50 a dose
6-9 doses: $45 a dose
10+ doses: $35 a dose

Excalibur was the 2017 Champion Cross Boar at the NSR STC bred by Diamond V Genetics.  This guy is super unique in his kind!  He is SUPER MASSIVE, BIG BACK, and STOUT HIPPED yet is one COOL DESIGNED boar!  His chest width and lower skeleton is opened up under a big rib cage and powerful top! However, the best thing about Excalibur is his reach of skeleton and flexibility.  His blade is set in perfectly as well as his hock placement allowing him to freely carry his mass around the ring.  You don’t need to go to the Excalibur in Vegas to hit the jackpot, you can do it right here with this BIG-TIME boar!


Watch the video of Excalibur at the 2018 Open House here.  

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