Shaffer's Goldrush | WORLD PANDEMIC

Gestation Calendar 11/28/2021
Breed Today for Mar 22 Litters



World Class X All Eyes X Point Taken

Bred By Shaffer Goldrush

Hampshire Breed Purity Test: Passed 96%

EN: 74-3

REG: 505314003

Stress Negative



Starting October 11

Winter Pricing

Full Price: $200 a dose

Winter Price: $100 a dose

Overrun: $75 a dose

WORLD PANDEMIC’S mother is Maddie who was the 2016 Champion Hampshire Gilt at the American Royal shown by Hadley Hendrickson and the $14,000 Champion Hampshire Gilt at the 2016 Fall Classic that we purchased.  His sire, WORLD CLASS needs no introduction to the Hampshire Breed having sired champions on all levels consistently throughout the country.  World Pandemic is tall shouldered and clean fronted with that attractive look from the side.  He is extremely true in his muscle shape when you study him down his loin edge.  He also has a stout hip laid in him.  Out on the move, he takes a really good, long stride.  We feel that World Pandemic is one of the best Hampshire boars that we have ever put together here at Goldrush.  His natural width and muscle shape is impeccable.  If you are looking at a Hampshire boar to take you to the next level, look at World Pandemic!