Gestation Calendar 08/08/2022
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Desperado X Reputable

Bred by David and Carly Martin

Breed Purity Test: 100%

EN: 26-3

Reg: 506574003

Stress Negative

Purchased at the NSR Midwestern

Up Root was one of the most talked about Hampshire boar at the 2020 Midwest, being the March Hampshire boar shown by the Martin Family.  When Dave drove Up Root out in the ring, he was one of the biggest boned, rugged boars we had seen in some time.  He was super sound structured, big ribbed, and square in his makeup.  Even though he was one of the younger boars at the show, he was one that all of us fell in love with!  We brought Up Root home and he continued to grow and mature into a powerhouse of a boar.  This guy’s pedigree reads a little different than most boars that we have here at Goldrush and to make it exciting, Desperado goes back to Outlaw!  This is a guy that we have can’t wait to see what his mark is on the Hampshire breed!