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Total Eclipse

Shoot the Moon x Grizz 34-12

Bred by Kevin Ricker, OH

Ear Notch: 16-2

Registration #551520002


Super Saving Boars
$35 a dose – 2 to 4 doses
$30 a dose – 5 to 7 doses
$25 a dose – 8+ doses


Powerful private treaty purchase from Kevin Ricker!


First of all we want to sincerely thank Kevin Ricker for giving us the opportunity to purchase this Shoot the Moon son.  Total Eclipse is an outstanding Yorkshire Boar from an elite Yorkshire firm and sow herd.  Total Eclipse’s mother is a Grizz 34-2 sow that is also the mother of Ricochet!  His mother comes from the old Cash Flow boar.  Kevin retained 3 littermate sisters to Total Eclipse and sold one gilt for $4300 in the Power Female Sale.  This is an action packed pedigree coming out of the heart of Kevin’s elite Yorkshire sow herd.  Total Eclipse is also built right and designed right.  As you study this guy, he correct in his pasterns, angles and lines.  Also look at his center rib dimension, hip design and his ability to extend his hind leg out past his hip.  He is powerful, wide, and stout with that unique show ring look that can make barrows and gilts.  He is a very thick topped individual that is correct in his ham/loin junction and extends into one of the squarest hip designs in Yorkshire hogs today.  We are so excited to have Total Eclipse here at Goldrush so we can offer our customer the opportunity to use this outstanding boar!

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