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All Eyes x No Debate
Bred by Cook Family Livestock
Stress Negative
.81 BF, 9.3 LEA
EN: 2-1
Registration #495408001
Hampshire Breed Purity Test Status: Passed New Hampshire Breed Purity Test 92%


Summer Pricing

Full Price: $200 a dose

Summer Price:$100 a dose

Overrun Price: $75 a dose

$80,000 Grand Champion & Top Selling Hampshire Boar 2017 World Pork Expo


World Class was the $80,000 Grand Champion and Top Selling Hampshire Boar at the 2017 World Pork Expo.  As we have stated many times before, Great Boars some from Great Sows and World Class’s mother was the 2015 Reserve Champion Hampshire Gilt at the Southwest Type Conference in Belton, Tx and is also the mother of Stop the Madness.  She is a No Debate x Stop Me raised by Bill Range.  Next is what Jeff & Connor Cook had to say about World Class and we could not have said it better:  This is what the Cook Family has to say about World Class:  World Class is the best Hampshire Boar we have EVER put together! This guy was a stand out from the very beginning.  Sow power is the name of our game and his mommy takes it to the next level!  You talk about one that has a killer design, geek neck, and has a picture perfect hind leg. We build them from the ground up, and anyone knows that not the easiest or the quickest way to raise Hampshire hogs. We believe this guy has everything we have tried to build in our Hampshire herd in one package. Feet and legs are impeccable; this guy is super STOUT but has a killer look!  The design of this guy from a side profile gives you chills!  He comes at you like a freight train, yet he is up on his pasterns and his angles are very true and square.  It’s one of those deals where you hate to see him go but you love to watch him leave!  Get behind this one and for a Hampshire he just makes you shake your head, as he is square and TRUE as you can make one!  For how wide and out there he is, you better believe he handles it with ease!  We think you can take him to a little bit of everything.  His pedigree is about as good as it gets!  We believe this one can take over the Hampshire breed in one generation but yet still leave you with something in the end.  This one is the real deal and has the breeding program to back him.  Take him to your best and he will do the rest.


Video of World Class

2019 Open House:  World Class at the 2019 Open House

2018 Open House:  World Class at the 2018 Open House


Champions Sired by World Class

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