Gestation Calendar 08/08/2022
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Outlaw x No Debate 18-8 x Pivot Point
Bred by David Martin
Stress Negative
EN 13-3
Registration #499116003
Hampshire Breed Purity Test:  Passed Test at 100%

Perfect Score has passed his Hampshire Breed Profile Test with flying colors at 100%!  But that is only the half of it.  Perfect Score is an Elite Hampshire Herd Sire. He is perfect in his design and has an ideal hip & hind Leg.  His length of body is exceptional combined with a big rib cage and good muscle shape on the top of his skeleton.  His length of stride is unprecedented and he sets his feet squarely on the ground with authority.  Perfect Score’s pedigree is one of the best you can find. The combination of Outlaw and No Debate is definitely at the apex of the Hampshire Breed.  Use Perfect Score to make those elite Hampshire females and problem free, good looking barrows!  


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