Shaffer's Goldrush | HIGH EXPECTATIONS

Gestation Calendar 11/29/2021
Breed Today for Mar 23 Litters


 Lethal x The Game

Bred by Robert Meeker

Stress Negative

EN 21-8

Registration #502366008

Passed Hampshire Breed Purity Test at 97%

Starting October 11

Winter Pricing

Full Price: $100 a dose

Winter Price: $50 a dose

Overrun: $40 a dose

Grand Champion Hampshire Boar - 2019 Southwest Type Conference 

His pedigree is ideal for predictability in producing Hampshire’s with more bone and natural body mass than most genetic lines available. This is his mother’s second litter.  In her first litter she was bred to World Class and produced the Grand Champion Hampshire Boar at the Indiana State Fair in 2018. Then turns around and produces High Expectations, the Grand Champion Hampshire Boar at the 2018 SWTC, a Champion at another National Show!

High Expectations is big legged, big boned, big toed, heavy muscled, and athletic with an ideal Hampshire belt.  He comes at you with a wide chest floor and leaves you with a wide hip and hind leg. Use High Expectations to put growth, production, soundness and natural muscle and mass in your females to produce those Champion styled Hampshire’s!


Videos of High Expectations

2019 Open House:  High Expectations at the 2019 Open House