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Coming Home X Stranded

Bred by: Cook Family Livestock

Passed Hampshire Breed Purity Test: 94%

EN: 4-1

Reg: 502343001


Summer Pricing

Full Price: $200 a dose

Summer Price:$100 a dose

Overrun Price: $75 a dose

Straight from Conner.  “The on-going question is where do we find, “The Hampshire Boar”?  Just let me tell you come straight to the “ Stompin Ground” at Goldrush!  Mother was the Champion Hampshire and Fifth Overall Gilt that Hege’s drove at the 2018 Summer Type Conference.  Like his brother, this one is just different.  Stompin Ground has all the goodies with tons of extras, he has that ELITE look and design from a profile standpoint but has the power to go along with it. This guy comes at you like a Mack truck and leaves you on the edge of your seat! This pedigree has some of the most influential boars to surface in recent years. The predictability is here, now come back to the “Stompin Grounds” and take full advantage of it!


Video of Stompin’ Grounds

2019 Open House:  Stompin’ Grounds & The Answer at the 2019 Open House

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