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Retired Boars 

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About Tam Time


Trump x Dozer
Bred by Shaffer Goldrush

EN: 52-6

Reg #274131


Fully Loaded x Home Brew
Bred by Norman Brothers, IL

EN 12-2

Registration #143594002


On the Run x Happy Feet

Bred by Down Family Showpigs, IL
Stress Negative
8.2 LEA 1.58 WDA at 320 lbs

EN 37-2

Registration # 160887002

Air Raid

Mack Attack x Timber
Bred by Jim Grimm, IA


Honeymoon x Challenger

Bred by Eggers & Sampson Show Pigs, IA
Stress Negative
.66 BF 7.9 LEA 1.63 WDA at 290 lbs
EN 5-2
Registration # 373406002

All Star

Ready to Rumble x Frost Bite
Anderson Twigg Showpigs, IN
7.5 LEA at 300 lbs 1.70 WDA

Grand Champion Hereford Boar - 2014 CPS STC

Ear Notch: 1-1

Registration #152419


Zeus x Supreme
Bred by Cedar Ridge, IL

Arch Way

Gate Way x Kodiak

• Stress Negative

Bred by Shaffer's

EN: 3-7

Registration #503262007

Atlanta Snow

Tightrope x Mighty Buck 

Bred by Wynn Farms, OH

Stress Negative

Ear Notch: 51-7

Registration #550200007

Auto Steer

Royal Flush x Buck Fever

Bred by Albright Swine Farms

Back Woods

Moonshine x Beefcake

• Stress Negative

Bred by Rick Sheets & Family

Ear Notch: 84-1

Registration #526468001


Ante Up x Killer Instint

Bred by Midwest Genetics, IA

Owned with Robert Wehmer

Stress Negative
.79 BF 12.3 LEA 1.60 WDA at 375 lbs


Party Up North x Mile High

Bred by: Shaffer's Goldrush

Stress: Negative

Banner Time

Mojo 6-2 x Joe 10-3
Bred by Don Linneman, Sycamore, IL


Raise the Bar x Don’t Matter
Bred by: Armstrong Genetics, IL

Owned with Southern Gold Sires
Stress: Negative





Never Before x Kiss My Socks

Bred by: Gossett Genetics

Bates Motel

Bred by Brad Bates, OH
Deliverance x Monster Pipe
Born 1/1/14
Stress Carrier
10.8 LEA .63 BF at 325 lbs 1.79 WDA

Reserve Grand Champion Crossbred Boar 2014 NSR STC

Beast Mode

Point Maker x Augusta
Bred by Ashleigh Funkhouser, IN
Stress Negative

Ear Notch: 1-2

Registration #486914002

Passed Breed Purity Test 90%

Bench Mark

Forearm x The Best

• Stress Negative
.65 BF 8.9 LEA

Bred by Rodibaugh's, IN

Ear Notch: 19-4

Registration # 140322004


Ferrari x Rusty x Harnke sow (Redemption’s Sister)

Bred by D & H Show Stock

EN: 18-1

Reg: 275650


Shock Collar x Let’s Roll

Bred by Adam Hendricks, IN

EN 1-4

Reg # 159997004

Stress Negative

Best Shot

Best Man x Deuce Bigalow

Bred by Curry Allen, TX
Stress Negative

Big Alias

Big Step x Alias

• Stress Carrier

Bred by Ottenwalter, IN

Big Attraction

Stick This x Major Feat x Fatal Attraction
Bred by Tom Moyer & Family, OH

Big Buck

Buck Cherry x Buck Cherry
Bred by Brinning & Marek Farms, IA

Big League

Lifetime x Milestone

Bred by Brett Beyers
Stress Negative

EN: 5-6

Reg # 361849006

Big Splash

Roscoe x Alpha Male 45-1

• Stress Negative

Bred by Sam Malcolm, IN

EN: 1-6

Registration #98928006

Big Ten

Hennesy x Jeager
Bred by Nelson Bros, SD

EN: 174-7

Registration #331717007

Big Texas

Buck Cherry x Buck Cherry

• Stress Negative

Bred by Range, IL

Ear Notch: 12-4

Registration #331714004

Big Timber

Dead On x Big Stick x All Natural
Bred by Tom Moyer & Family, OH

Billy The Kid

Gun Slinger x Big Express
Bred by Travis Perry
Owned with Chris Schillinger & Bell Ag Farms

Black Granite

Mr. Deeds x Big Time 81-11 (Big Guns littermate sister)
Bred by Travis Perry
Raised by Chris Schillinger

Stress Carrier

Black Jack

King x Headliner

Bred by: Dan’s Durocs

• Stress Negative
.67 BF 8.1 LEA 1.6 WDA at 291 lbs

Black Oak

Oak x Different Strokes

• Stress Negative
Bred by David Meyers, IN

Ear Notch: 10-9

Registration #117915009



Triple Threat X Extreme Makeover
Bred by Shaffer Goldrush
Stress Negative
EN 16-2
Registration: 146816002

Black Smoke


Warrior x Drop Down x Rock Solid
Bred by Scott Graf, IN
Stress Carrier


Wild Fire x Ultimate Answer

• Stress Negative

Bred by Bryan Bennett, IL
Owned with Bennett's, IL

EN: 2-4

Registration #42721004

Blue Print

Sky Box x Living Legend

Bred by Driscoll Show Pigs
Stress Negative
1.43 ADG

Blue Sky

Sky's the Limit x Bear x Super Monster

Bred by Sam Scher, IN

DOB 9/15/15

Stress Negative

Boilermaker Express

Big Time x Fatal x America's Choice

Bold Force

Final Drive x Beef Cake

• Stress Negative

Bred by Isla Grande, OH

EN: 6-7

Reg #527123007


Jack In The Box X Never Lose Focus

Bred by Owen and Dalaney Vickrey

Stress Negative

EN: 10-2

Registration: 152782002


Feed Ur Addiction x Big League x Killer Instinct

Bred by Flaspohler, IN

Stress Negative

.56 BF, 8.5 LEA at 259 lbs

Buck Dynasty

Big Buck x Hoosier x Power Shift
Bred by Shaffer Goldrush

Ear Notch: 4-2

Registration #340709002


Shock Collar x Yellow Jacket
Bred by Cook Family Show Pigs
Shown by Jim & Kim Bope

Bull Rider

Yak II x Gods Gift

• Stress Negative

Bred by Range & Luechtefeld

Ear Notch: 50-7

Registration #325777007


Sumo x Tank
Bred by Thompson, OH


Record Breaker x Dozer

Bred by Shaffer Goldrush

Stress Negative

EN: 14-2

Registration #275923



Hill Jack x Dead End

Bred by: Jared Trogden, IN

EN: 18-6

Registration # 150258006

Stress: Negative

.75 BF, 6.7 LEA, 1.48 ADG at 210 lbs

Capital Investment

Augusta x Real Appeal

• Stress Negative
WDA 1.72 LEA 10.2 BF .96 at 330 lbs

Bred by Taylor & Alyssa Sobasky
Owned with Roger & Samuel Diehm Drew & Delbert Peters

Ear Notch: 27-5

Registration # 474215005

Capital One

Capital Investment x Lug Nut

Bred by Delbert & Trevor Peters, IN

Captain Hook

Off The Hook x Goliath
Bred by Brandon Ogle



Walk the Line x EIN

Bred by & Owned with Schminke Genetics, IA

Stress Negative

EN: 29-2

Reg: 150859002



Bred by: Kolton Knauth, IL

**Passed Breed Purity Test**

Champion Landrace Boar ’18 WPX


Chill Factor

Ott To Do It x General Lee
Bred by the Mills Girls, IL

Class Act

Wide Range x Preacher

• Stress Negative
Reg. # 479922009 EN 16-9
Bred by George & Mike Watson

EN: 16-9

Reg # 479922009


Drinking Class x Non Typical

Bred by & Owned with Nick & Neil Mauck

EN 41-1

Registration # 141317001

Stress Negative

Classic ATM

Classic Steal x ATM
Bred by Brock & Caleb Rule, IN

Ear Notch: 18-4

Registration #139642004


Bull Rush x All Shook Up x Bull Rider

Bred by JJ Genetics

Stress Negative

EN 7-7

Registration #372103007


Kannibal x Lightening Strike

Bred by: Mercedes Schulz

EN: 46-5

Reg: 48256005

Stress Negative

Code Red

BR 549 x Big Rigg

Bred by Chad Day/Dave Guyer

Stress Negative

EN: 20-3

Reg #363595003



Injured Reserve X Non Typical

Bred by Kolten Knauth, IL

Stress Negative

EN: 11-1

Registration: 150069001


Twisted (a Si son) x Forearm

Bred by Bill Range

Stress Negative

EN: 45-3
Reg # 147108003
.79 BF, 9.2 LEA, 1.56 ADG


Fugitive x Wimbledon 

Bred by Shaffer Goldrush
Stress Negative
EN 9-2
Registration # 492072002

Hampshire Breed Purity Test Status: Passed New Breed Purity Test 92%


Bone Thug x Moonshine

Bred by Lawyer Showpigs, IN

Cookie Monster

Shot Gun Wedding x Different Strokes
Bred by Greg Shafer
Stress Negative
Grand Champion Berkshire Boar 2014 Illinois State Fair

Ear Notch: 2-8
Registration #124608008




Tom Cat X Sky 239-3

Bred by Coyote Farms, In

Stress Negative




Record Breaker x High Geer

Bred by Shaffer Goldrush

Stress Negative

EN: 35-3

Registration #278038


Country Club

Capital Investment x Progress

Bred by Shaffer's Goldrush
Owned by Gary Williams, IN

Ear Notch: 18-3

Registration #479978003


Outlaw x Pivot Point x Homemade 17-3 x Real Deal

Bred by Steve Harvey, IN
Owned with Delbert Peters, IN
Stress Negative

EN: 29-1

Reg #488792001



Crowd Control

In Control x Doc Logan

Bred by Kevin Ricker, OH
Stress Negative

EN: 87-2

Reg # 570782002




Wishbone x Shooter
Bred by Williams Show Pigs, FL
Stress Negative


Predestined x Bed Rock
Bred by Steve and Aaron Cobb


Changer x Wide Out

• Stress Carrier
*Please note the change in his stress status.

Questions call 888.690.2022.

Bred by Norman Bros & Sons, IL

EN 33-3

Registration #153012003

Double Yum

Yum Yum x Double Impact

Bred by Mikesell, OH

Grand Champion & High Selling Poland Boar 2013 Indiana State Fair

Grand Champion Poland Boar 2013 Ohio State Fair

Ear Notch: 2-7

Registration #43410007

Stress Negative

Dust Storm

Firestorm x Perfect Game
Bred by Isler Genetics
Stress Negative
10 in. LEA fat 364 lbs, 1.85 WDA
Grand Champion Duroc Boar 2014 Indiana State Fair
Ear Notch: 11-3
Registration #352870003


Mr. Buffet x Dead or Alive x Hostile Takeover

Bred by Schinbeckler
EN 2-2
Registration # 136415002

Stress Negative

*Retired Apr. 2018*


News Flash x Best in Class

Bred by: Hope, Reagan, & Gracie Flaspholer

Stress Negative

EN: 224-3


Retired June 2019


225K x Stanky Leg
Bred by Brent Bolen
Stress Negative



Blue Grass x Visionary x Tree Shaker x Super Monster

Raised by & Owned with Diamond V Farms

Stress Negative

ADG: 1.54  BF: 0.73  LEA: 8.0 at 317 Days

Extreme Makeover

Gary Coleman x Black Magic

• Stress Negative

Bred by Mauck's, IN

Ear Notch:  16-1
Registration #113579001



Stacked Deck x Hillbilly Bone

Bred by: Midwest Genetics

Stress: Negative

Family Guy

Junks Berry x Head Geer
Bred by Clint High Farms

$16,000 World Record Selling & Grand Hereford Boar 2014 IN State Fair
Grand Champion Hereford Boar 2014 Ohio State Fair

Ear Notch: 19-7

Registration #151859

Stress Negative

Final Shot

Big Shot x Major Feat
Bred by Bates, OH Price


Fire & Ice x Marty 6-1

Bred by Sara & Jason Geer

Ear Notch: 56-8

Registration #147520


Big Stick x Crossfire
Bred by McClain, IN

Flash Mob

Unrival x (Showcase x Alias 17-2)

• Stress Carrier

Bred by Flaspohler Girls, IN

Force Of Nature

Shoot 'Em x Head On

• Stress Carrier

Bred by Ottenwalter, CA
.79 BF 8.9 LEA at 308 lbs


Impressive x Lifetime

Bred by Dishman Family
Stress Negative
EN 3-5
Registration # 373734005

Fort Knox

Surreal x Affirmative

Bred by Mark Long
Owned with Delbert & Trevor Peters

Ear Notch 2-1

Registration #177847001


Doug E Fresh x Ready to Rumble

Bred by Quesenberry's, OH

EN: 5-2

Registration # 161093002

Stress Negative



Outlaw x Eye Opener
Bred by Engler Family, IA
$60,000 Top Selling Hampshire Boar 2015 Indiana State Fair

Stress Negative

Full Power

Skidmark x Cornerstone

Bred by Sugar Creek Farms
.72 BF 8.6 LEA 1.53 ADG at 280 lbs

EN: 11-1

Full Size

One Ton x Power Train
Bred by Isla Grande Farms, OH


Full Circle x JFF 101 1-7
Bred by Miranda Malone, IL

Fully Focused

Double Take x Razzle

Bred by Garrett & Chandler Lowes

Owned with Lorenzen & DJ Sanders

Stress Negative

EN 3-2

Registration # 597170002


V8 x Totally Awesome
Bred by Brett Goff Family




Horton X Justice X Real Deal

Bred by Shaffer Goldrush

Stress Negative


Game Changer

Changer x Like No Other
Bred by Norman Brothers & Sons, IL
8.2 LEA .73 BF at 300 lbs with 1.71 WDA
Stress Negative

Popular Class 3 Wintter 2014 CPS Summer Type Conference

Ear Notch: 3-1

Registration # 155706001


Reserve Grand Champion Duroc Boar from 2014 NSR STC
Bred by Derek Moore
Iconic x High Roller
Born 1/6/14
Stress Negative
9.6 LEA .85 BF at 325 lbs 1.83 WDA

Ear Notch: 1-3

Registration #353867003


Hedge Post x Glacier

• Stress Negative

.43 BF • 10.16 LEA • 64.11% Lean
Bred by Tracy Lorenzen

Ear Notch: 1-3

Regisration #484888003


Fenton Boar x Steam Roller

Bred by Maple Grove Farms
Owned with D & H Show Stock & LaFollettes

Ear Notch: 3-6

Registration #271942

Ghost Rider

Big Alias x Crossfire

Stress Status:  Positive

Bred by Shaffer Goldrush


Warrior x Capital Investment x Master Card

Bred by Shaffer Goldrush
Stress Carrier


Sky Cam x Goose ($7500 Class winning Crossbred Gilt '15 WPX)

Bred by Final Drive Genetics

Owned with Samuel Diehm & Final Drive Genetics

Golden Gate

Gate Way x Backwoods

Bred by Shaffer Goldrush

Stress Negative

EN: 69-4
Reg # 580174004

Golden Glove

Haymaker x Soda Pop
Bred by Kevin Wendt & Family, OH

Stress Negative

Reg # 489441003
EN 3-3

Got More Of It

Can't Touch This x Easy Stride
Bred by Kimmel Brothers, IN

Grave Digger

Fatal Attraction x Visual Effect'
Bred by Robert Wehmer & Family, IN


Record Breaker x Ferrair x High Geer

Bred by Schinbeckler's

Stress Negative

EN 4-1

Registration # 276338


Great Impact

Big Buck x Big Red

EN: 41-1

Registration #3340800001


Bates Motel x Mile High x Motown

Bred by Shaffer Goldrush
Stress Negative

Retired June 2019

Guns Loaded

Benchpress x Doctor Watson

• Stress Negative

Bred by Grimm Purebreds, IA
9.8 LEA, .70 BF at 255 lbs

En 10-7

Registration #542596007


Blurred Vision x Monumental
Bred by Glenn Craft

Stress Carrier

Reserve Grand Champion Crossbred Boar 2017 Fall Classic



No Debate x Point Take
Bred by Engler’s
Owned with Joostberbs
Stress Negative
EN 4-3
Reg # 486836003

Here I Am

Outlaw x Revolution
Bred by Shaffer Goldrush
Stress Negative
EN: 28-2
Registration #490974002

Hampshire Breed Purity Test Status: Passed New Breed Purity Test 96%


Banner Time x Loof sow

Bred by Shaffer's

EN: 15-8

Registration #148480


Non Typical x Shotgun Wedding

Bred by & Owned with Nick & Neil Mauck

EN: 41-5


Stress Negative


First Class x Impeccable x Crackin Down

Bred: Tres Amigos

EN: 27-3

Reg: 392249003

Stress: Negative

High Geer

Dazer x Mr. Rusty

Bred by Geer’s, OH
Owned with H & D Showpigs

Ear Notch: 27-1

Registration #239381


Hot Pursuit x Storm Chaser

Bred by Brian Beamon, IN

Stress Negative

Owned with Chad Schipper, John Rinker & Ralph Bowling

.83 BF, 8.5 LEA, 1.62 ADG at 314 lbs

EN: 13-8

Registration # 47167008

Hillbilly Tuxedo

Point Maker x Hat Trick

Bred by Norman Bros & Son, IL
• Stress Negative
8.7 LEA, .91 BF at 305 lbs


EN:  2-2

Registration # 482287002





Secrets Out x Got Em

Bred by: McGrew Showpigs, Ill.

*Passed Breed Purity Test*

EN: 33-7

Reg: 147918007


Stress Negative


Anytime x Warfare

Bred by Wehmer, IN
.71 BF, 11.2 LEA, 1.62 WDA at 330 lbs
Stress Negative

Holdin’ Tight

Bull x Substitution
Bred by Westcamps, OH
Stress Negative
.84 BF 9.9 LEA at 333 lbs, 1.77 WDA
Grand Champion Landrace Boar 2014 Ohio State Fair

Ear Notch: 13-3

Registration #124777003


Sun Tea x Lola (Focus x Casino)
Bred by Shaffer's


Power Wagon x Ox
Bred by Bennett's, IL


Outlook x Blade

Bred by: Adam Hendricks, IN

• Stress Negative
.66 BF 10.5 LEA at 327 lbs

EN: 6-8

Registration #117325008


Triple Crown x Stimulus Package

• Stress Carrier

Bred by Diesen Show Pigs
8.7 LEA & .94 BF at 325 lbs, 1.61 WDA


Red Handed x Ruthless x Times Square x Super Monster

Bred by Vickrey Family

Stress Negative


The Hit King x Family Guy

Bred by: Don Michaels

Champion Hereford Boar ’17 Hereford Nationals

Stress Negative

EN: 36-6

Reg: 558470006

I’m So Fancy


War Cry X Family Guy

Bred by Shaffer’s Goldrush

Ear Notch: 13-3

Reg: 58610003

Ice Breaker

Bone Crusher x Heavy Hitter
Bred by Clay Kincaid, IN
8.0 LEA .86 BF at 295 lbs 1.71 WDA

Ear Notch: 1-9

Registration #145332009


Glacier x Thunder
Bred by Lorenzen Farms, IL


Earle x Deep Threat x Ace in the Hole

Bred by Malcolm Family Farms, IN

Stress Carrier

In Motion

Royal Flush x Buck Fever

Bred by Albright Swine Farms, MI

Grand Champion Duroc Boar 2013 Fall Classic 

Stress Negative

Ear Notch: 17-2

Registration #349371002




Intuition X Impeccable X Crackin Down

Bred by Tres Amigos Showpigs

Stress Negative


Registration: 396050001


Untouchable x Worth the Wait
Bred by Hadley Hendrickson

*Littermate to Champion Yorkshire Gilt at the 2015 Fall Classic in Duncan, OK

 Stress Negative

EN: 120-4

Registration #577871004

Iron Horse

Iron Man x Holy Cow
Bred by Earl Cain & Family, IA




Momentum X Instant Addiction

Bred by Keegan and Madyson Law

Stress Negative

EN: 3-5

Registration: 168052005



Leaps & Bound x Premonition
Bred by Keeku Show Pigs
Stress Negative
EN:  11-4
Registration #617780004


Monumental x Dead On x Big Time

Bred by S & K Show Pigs, OH
Stress Negative
.72 BF 9.1 LEA 1.61 ADG


America's Choice x Sweetness
Bred by AJ Williams, IN

Sired the...
2008 Fall Classic - Duncan, OK
• Grand Champion Yorkshire Weanling Male
2006 Georgia National
• Reserve Grand Champion Yorkshire Gilt
2006 National Junior Summer Spectacular
• Reserve Grand Champion Bred & Owned Yorkshire Gilt
2005 Indiana State Fair
• Reserve Senior Champion Yorkshire Boar
2004 Indiana State Fair
• Top Selling Yorkshire & $65,000 Reserve CHampion

Land Mine

Historic x Rock Solid

Bred by Ed & Brad Mortensen, MI

Last Call

Greeter x Augusta

• Stress Negative
Bred by Goehring, WI

EN: 18-8

Registration #477717008

Leading Edge


Forefront X Mount Summit

Bred by Shaffer Goldrush

EN: 9-5

Reg #: 403915005


Motown x Lola (Focus x Casino)

• Stress Negative

Bred by Shaffer's

Let’s Ride

Ready to Rumble x Sycamore
Bred by Albright’s, MI

Littermate to Champion Hereford Gilt at the 2014 Team Purebred Junior National

Stress Negative

Ear Notch: 3-1

Registration #152911

Light’s Out

Light’s Out
Takin’ Names x Backwoods x Arch Way
Bred by Shaffer’s


Lonzo x The Grizz

• Stress Negative

Bred by Tracy Lorenzen, IL

Ear Notch: 64-3

Registration #539521003


Iconic x Generator x Crackin Down

Bred by Weisinger


EN: 25-4

Registration #378691004

Lone Star

Kickin' Wings x Rodeo Red

Bred by Chad Hill Durocs

Grand Champion Duroc Boar 2014 Southwest Type Conference in Belton, TX

Ear Notch: 19-2

Registration #350520002


Here I Am x Outlaw
Bred by Shaffer Goldrush
Stress: Negative
EN: 84-1
Registration #495278001
Hampshire Breed Purity Test Status: Passed New Breed Purity Test 90%

Lucky Strike

Striking Matches x Bone Collector
Bed by Turner & Taylor Show Pigs, IN
.70 BF, 10 in LEA at 326 lbs
Stress Negative



Rapid Fire x Big Red Machine

Bred by: Matt Garrity & Family

Stress Negative

EN: 6-3

Reg: 557260003


Prime Time x Capital Investment
Bred by Shaffer Goldrush
Stress Negative


Major Stick

Stick This x Major Feat x Blow Out
Bred by Tom Moyer & Family, OH

Major Time

Major Impact x Invincible
Bred by DGS Swine (Strom), IL.



Sky Cam x Vissonary x On Top (Mouse)

Bred by: Chad Decker

Stress: Negative

Man Of Steel

Superman x Different Strokes x Oak

• Stress Negative
Bred by & Owned with Larry White

Ear Notch: 7-5
Registration #117887005


Herschel x Champion Hereford at 2009 ISF

Bred by: Derek Barker

EN: 1-3

Reg #150232


Visionary x On Top x Blue Moon

Bred by Decker Show Pigs

Stress Negative

Master Card

Priceless x Muscle Shirt
Bred by Mark Taulman, IN

Master Piece

In Time x Buck Fifty

Bred by Thompson Brother's, OH

Owned with Ralph & Jim Bowling

Stress Negative

$40,000 Top Selling & Grand Champion Yorkshire Boar - 2014 Fall Classic

Ear Notch: 63-3

Registration #562792003


Roids x Time Change

Bred by Norman Brothers, IL

EN: 21-4

Reg #: 157726004


Lit Up x Power On

Bred by Hofschulte Farms, OK

Stress Negative

EN: 16-3

Reg: 593657003


Midnight Express

Midnight Special x Perfect 10
Bred by Ryan Stohlquist, IL

2008 Indiana State Fair Exotic Classic
• Grand Champion Exotic Boar

Mile High

Super Monster x Cowboy Up

• Stress Negative

Bred & Owned with Diamond V Show Pigs

Monster Wave

Red Wave x CNN 2-2

Bred by LaFollettes

EN: 4-1

Registration #145955

Monument Circle

Monumental x Warfare x Bullet Proof

• Stress Negative

Bred by Ottenwalter, IN
.87 BF 9.1 LEA

Moody Blues

My Monster x Force of Nature

Bred by Maynard Hahn & Family
10.3 LEA, 1.73 ADG
Stress Negative


MoJo x Super Freak
Bred by No Limit Genetics, CA

Mount Summit

Mount Summit

Mountain x Ice
Bred by Shipley Swine Genetics, OH

Stress Negative

EN: 1-4

Reg #359397004


Got More of It x Deep N Wide
Bred by Shaffer's

Mountain Man

Backwoods x Arch Way x One Ton

• Stress Negative

Bred by Shaffer's

Ear Notch: 10-1

Registration #541095001

Mr. Tamtastic

**New to Goldrush**
Record Breaker x Record Breaker
Bred by Boyd's Elite Show Pigs


Mud Slinger


Bottoms Up x All You Want
Bred by James Schinbeckler, IN
.58 BF 9.4 LEA 1.72 ADG at 335 lbs



The Game x Wimbledon x Preacher

Bred by Shaffer Goldrush

Stress Negative

EN 93-1

Registration #494027001



Prison Style x Impeccable

Bred by Shipley Swine Genetics, OH

Owned with Chad Schipper & Greg Shidler

Stress Negative

.62 BF, 8.4 LEA, 1.53 WDA at 266 lbs

EN:  224-5

Registration #373097005

New Deal

New Divide x Lickity Split
Bred by Pullen Family, IN


New Level x Better Be Ready

Bred by Adam Hendricks, IN

EN:  11-7

Registration #553770007




World Class X The Game X Wimbledon

Bred by Shaffer Goldrush

Stress Negative

EN: 27-3

Registration: 499260003

Hampshire Breed Purity Test Status: Passed New Breed Purity Test 90%


World Class x Here I am
Bred by Shaffer Goldrush
Stress Negative
Passed Hampshire Breed Purity Test at 99%
EN:  19-2
Registration #503290002


Radio Active x Bullfrog x Pack a Lunch

Bred by Troy Lowdermilk

Stress Negative

EN 20-3

Reg # 162484003


Timber x Daddy Sang Base
Bred by Oram’s
Stress Negative
Napole Negative
WDA 1.76 BF .6 LEA 10.2
Ear Notch: 93-6
Registration #96990006

On The Rocks

Black Onyx x Bartender

• Stress Carrier

Bred by Schulte Brothers, OH
.83 BF 12 LEA at 375 lbs



Man Up x Slats

Bred by Earl Cain & Family

EN 11-8

Reg: 379845008

Stress Negative


Optimus Prime

Transformer x Blind Faith

• Stress Negative

At 230 lbs 1.89 WDA .6 BF 7.8 LEA
Bred by Brazel Show Stock, IN

EN 30-1

Registration #149183001


World Class X Outlaw X Revolution

Bred by Shaffer Goldrush

Stress Negative

EN: 38-1

Registration: 500045001

Hampshire Breed Purity Test Status: Passed Purity Test 91%


Trouble Maker x Capital Investment x Sun Tea
Bred by:  Steve Harvey, IN
Owned with:  Delbert & Trevor Peters - Peters Hamps & Show Pigs & Steve Harvey & Family
Stress Negative
Ear Notch: 27-3
Registration #485458003
Hampshire Breed Purity Test Status: Grandfathered in PASSED 97%



He's the Light x Load Em Up

Bred by: Doug Stewart, IA

EN: 61-4

Reg: 382414004

Stress Negative


Reserve Champion York Boar 2017 NSR Summer Type Conference

Gas Money x Untouchable

Bred by:Malcolm Farms

.71 BF, 8.7 LEA. 1.54 WDA at 317 lbs

Stress Negative

EN:  18-2

Registration #597509002




Pay Attention X Buzzer Beater

Bred by Malcolm Farms

Stress Negative

EN: 3-4

Registration: 619430004


225K x Scared Straight

Bred by Brent Bolen

Stress Negative


Double Mint x Heartbeat
Bred by Ryan Knight, IL


Outlaw x No Debate 18-8 x Pivot Point
Bred by David Martin
Stress Negative
EN 13-3
Registration #499116003
Hampshire Breed Purity Test:  Passed Test at 100%


Gone Viral x Fatal 87-2 x High Cotton

• Stress Negative

Bred by Diamond V Show Pigs

Platt Attack

Daddy Mack x Beef Cake

• Stress Negative

Bred by Travis Platt, IN

Ear Notch: 26-1

Registration #509939001


The Game X Outlaw
Bred by Shaffer Goldrush
Stress Negative
EN: 84-1
Registration #: 498047001
Hampshire Breed Purity Test Status: Grandfathered in

Power Drive

Like No Other x Nom Nom Nom
Bred by John Rinker, IN

Ear Notch: 31-1

Registration #44598001


Bentley X Bentley
Bred by D & H Show Stock
Stress Negative
EN: 23-6
Registration: 281549

Power Move

Leap Frog x B&B
Bred by Jake Gossett, IN

Power Point

Point Maker x Soda Pop

Bred by Kevin Wendt & Family
• Stress Negative
8.7 LEA .91 BF at 305 lbs

EN: 6-3

Reg #481066003

Power Stick

Big Stick X Gain Control

Bred by Lorenzen Farms


Power On 282-7 x Take Notice × Untouchable

Bred by Barnett Show Pigs

Owned with Barnett Show Pigs & Gary Williams
Stress Negative
.59 BF, 10.5 LEA, 1.77 WDA at 325 lbs

EN:  6-1

Registration # 589513001


Southern Comfort x Stomp the Ring

• Stress Negative

Bred by Myron Halford, TX
Owned with Mike Watson, IN

EN: 2-4

Registration #471900004


Priority x True Grit

Bred by Final Drive Genetics
Stress Negative
Breed Guarantee
.56 BF, 8.5 LEA, 1.51 WDA at 255 lbs

EN: 43-1

Reg: 589253001



Uproar x Iconic
Bred by Carpenter Creek Farms

Ear Notch: 2-4

Reg #: 362678004

Stress Negative

Prison Break

Outlaw x Wimbledon x Southern Comfort

Bred by Shaffer Goldrush
Stress Negative

EN: 17-1


Profit Maker

The Profit x Hedge Post

Bred by Tracy Lorenzen
EN: 90-9
Reg #: 583968009

Stress Negative


Bred by Trey & Cade Fecke, IL
Peaches x Augusta
Born 1/16
Stress Negative
8.3 LEA .76 BF at 300 lbs 1.79 WDA

Ear Notch: 22-5

Registration #484864005


Upper Class x Bull Rush

Bred by Kyle & Lynsee Pullen

Stress Negative

Breed Guarantee

EN: 21-4

Registration # 400095004

Rain Dance

Bold Gold x Texas Flood

Bred by: Sharrett Family Farms, Ohio
1.71 ADG 9.5 LEA .89 BF At 310 lbs

EN: 9-2

Registration #478880002


The Process x Score
Bred by Cody Smith & Family
Stress Negative
EN 9-1
Registration #497545001
Hampshire Breed Purity Test Status: Passed Breed Purity Test 95%


Rapid Fire x Shock Collar

Bred by Schipper’s, IN

EN 1-2

Registration #160270002

Stress Negative

Rapid Fire

Red Sox x Yellow Jacket

Bred by Savannah Bordner
Shown by Doug Loof
.87 BF 9.1 LEA 1.63 ADG at 285 lbs

EN: 1-1

Reg #155532001


Reachin’ High

Mile High x Motown

• Stress Negative

Bred by Shaffer Goldrush
9.9 LEA, .89 BF at 295 lbs

Real Deal

Different Deal x Flashdrive

Bred by Brett Beyers

Stress Negative

EN: 54-1

Reg #357789001

Record Breaker

Cornerstone x Mister
Bred by Thomas Shanafelt, IN
8.5 LEA at 310 lbs 1.77 WDA

World Record Selling Tamworth Boar & Grand Champion Tamworth Boar - 2014 CPS STC

Ear Notch: 10-7

Registration #272426

Red Cloud


Hickory x Frost Bite
Bred by Shaffer Goldrush

Red Dirt

Rhys x Lumberjack

• Stress Negative

Bred By Triple C Hog Farm

EN: 1-1

Registration #502192001

Red Wave

Exodus Son x Broocky
Bought from Andy Howe, IN


Grand Mentality x Gray-cie (Triple x Big Sky)

Bred by WinMor Farms

Owned with Coyote Farms

Stress Negative


Blood Hound x He’s the Wild Card
Bred by Holloway Farms
Stress Negative
EN: 11-3
Reg: 394472003


MF9 Rusty 20-1 x GAF11 59-2

Bred by D&H Show Stock, IN

Ear Notch: 6-2

Registration #272747


Point Taken x Home Grown

• Stress Negative 
 Bred by Heimer Hampshires, MO

Ear Notch: 119-3

Registration #479166003



Sky Cam x Vissionary x On Top (Mouse)

Bred by: Chad Decker

Stress: Carrier

Right Way

Gate Way x Strategy x Kodiak
Bred by Shaffer’s


Leaps and Bounds X News Flash 
Bred by Jack Rodibaugh and Sons
Stress Negative
EN: 15-5
Registration: 617515005
Retired June 2019


High Performance x Easy Stride
Bred by Shaffer's


Wake Up x Killer Instinct
Bred by Diamond V
Owned with Coyote Farms

Stress Negative

Road Trip

Day Tripper x Tank
Bred by Grimm Purebreds

Rock & Roll

Big Clydesdale x Holy Smoke

Rock Candy

Triple Rock x Headliner

Bred by Grand Slam Swine Genetics, TX

Ear Notch: 6-2

Registration #339366002


Roids 12-4 x S & L x Pay Master

Bred by Joel Olsen
Stress Negative


Ear Notch: 11-1

Registration #152956001

Royal Guard

Royal Guard
Royal Palace x Full Blown
Bred by Shaffer’s
Stress Negative

Ear Notch: 19-2

Registration #351319002

Royal Palace

Crown Royal x Gator

• Stress Negative

Bred by Weisinger Farms, IA

EN: 111-2

Registration #343024002


One & Only x Long Time Coming
Bred by Gibson Girls, OH

Rumor Has It

Spike x Buck Fifty

• Stress Negative

Bred by Thompson Brothers, OH

EN: 34-1

Registration #529546001

Rush Hour

AG1 142653002 (an Out Cold son) x Heartbreaker 

Bred by Rick Hedrick, IN

Ear Notch: 2-10

Registration #143582010


Survivor X 9-6 Sow

EN: 20-1

Reg #232352


Screenshot x Tank

Bred by Range Show Pigs, IN

Stress Negative

EN: 85-3

Reg: 148656003


Air Raid x Gate Way
Bred by Shaffer’s


Gate Way x Focus x Kodiak

• Stress Negative

Bred by Aimee & Lynsee Shaffer

Ear Notch:2-6

Registration #510236006

Shot Gun

Road Trip x Kodiak
Bred by Aimee & Lynsee Shaffer, IN

Show Goes On

Shattered X Blackout X Shotgun Wedding
Bred by Schmaling
Stress Negative
EN:  38-8
Registration #156135008



Show Time

Buckeye x High Hope


To the Extreme x Illusion

• Stress Negative

Bred by Gardner Farms, IN

Ear Notch: 2-5

Registration #143505005


Square One x Leverage
Bred by Wintex Farms, TX


Got ‘Em x Outlook

Bred by Maddie Fugate
Owned with McConn's, PA
Stress Negative
EN 10-3
Registration # 134730003

*Past Landrace Profile Test

Singin’ The Blues

Stimulus x Daddy Sang Bass
• Stress Negative
LEA 8.5 at 290 lbs.
Muscle, Bone, Show Ring Style!
Bred by Wippel Family Berks, OH

Ear Notch:  30-1

Registration # 101090001




Sketchy Bob X FBI X Best Man

Bred by Travis Perry

Stress Negative

SKULL 86-4

Skull 7-2 x Untouchable x Mighty Mack
Bred by Kevin Ricker
Owned with Kevin Ricker
Stress Negative
EN 86-4
Registration # 570781004


Fugative x Power Point
Bred by Shaffer Goldrush
Stress Negative
EN: 12-2
Registration #492033002

Slick Willie

Si x Classic ATM
Bred by: Shaffer Goldrush

Owned with:  Southern Gold Sires 
Ear Notch: 13-1
Registration Number: 147087001




Power 2 Stand x Untouchable

Bred by: Malia & Cheyla Ward

Champion Senior York Boar at the 2017 Indiana State Fair

Stress Negative

EN: 2-4

Registration #607317004

Smart Move

Final Move x Revolution
Bred by Sharrett, OH

Smoky Bear

Huggy Bear x Mar
Bred by Earnharts, IN

Something Blue

Something Blue
Wedding Day x Sky Box
Bred by Driscoll Show Pigs

SOS {Son of Si}

Si x Peppermint

Bred by Shaffer Goldrush

Stress Negative

*Retired - semen is not available*




Sound Off X Hands Up X Big Foot

Bred by Troy Lowdermilk 

Stress Negative



Blue Light x Raise the Bar

Bred by: Armstrong Genetics

Owned with: Greg Shidler & Troy Lowdermilk

.86 BF, 6.9 LEA, 1.51 ADG at 280 lbs

Stress Negative

EN: 57-5

Reg: 163465005


Southern Comfort

Southern Tea x Progress
Bred by Shaffer’s


He's the One x All Shook Up

Bredby Knight Genetics

EN  27-2

Reg: 382039002

Stress Negative



Stressed Out x Speak Now
Bred by Causemaker Family Genetics
Stressed Negative
 EN: 17-2
Reg: 148564002


Greeter x Augusta

• Stress Negative
Bred by Goehring, WI

Ear Notch: 18-14

Registration #477717014

Star Buck

Buck Dandy x Full Shift
Bred by Mappes Durocs, OK

Steel Force

Full Monte x Gunslinger x Big Time 81-11
Bred by Travis Perry, IN
Stress Negative
Owned with Chris Schillinger


Takin’ Names x Gringo (Stella)

Bred by Shaffer’s Goldrush
Stress Negative

EN: 92-4

Reg: 569450004

Stick It

Magic Stick x Fatal 87-2
Bred by Frontline Genetics


Sting Ray x Twin Turbo

Bred by Hoge & Weisinger

Stress Negative



Stone Cold x ATM

Bred by Shaffer Goldrush

Stress Negative

Ear Notch: 6-2

Registration #147247002

Stop Light

Light Em Up x Trojan Horse
Bred by Inez & Kasper Friddle, IN
Stress Negative
Popular Duroc Boar at 2014 IN State Fair
Mother was the Grand Gilt Overall atKentucky State Fair
.84 BF, 9.5 LEA at 358 lbs, 1.88 WDA

Ear Notch: 11-10

Registration #352565010

Storm Watcher

Storm Chaser x Done Deal

Bred by Cook Family Livestock, IN

Stress Carrier

EN: 1-3

Reg #45365003




Tom Cat X Sky 239-3

Bred by Coyote Farms

Stress Carrier

Sugar Bear

Bear x Detox

Bred by Allen, Karen, Katie, & Blake Davis, AR

Stress Carrier

Sun Tea

Sweet Tea X No Boundaries

Super Hero

Super 8 x Super 7
Bred by Rick Whitman, NE

2009 NSR Fall Classic, Duncan, OK
• Class Winning Crossbred Boar

Super Star

Star Buck x I-Got-It

• Stress Negative

Owned with Coyote Farms & Diamond V Show Pigs
Bred by Coyote Farms, IN

Ear Notch: 9-1

Registration #545414001

Super Stroke

Superfly x Different Strokes

Bred by Albright Swine Farms, MI

.69 BF  8.1 LEA at 300 lbs  1.61 WDA

Ear Notch: 60-1

Registration #123977001

Stress Negative



Slats x Challenger

Bred by Norman Brothers & Ripberger
Owned with Mike Rawlinson
Stress Negative

EN: 15-4

Reg # 362258004




No Way X No Doubt

Bred by Doug Loof

Owned with D & H Show Stock

EN: 4-2

Registration: 564980002

Takin' Names

Shakin' Hands x Snow Cat

• Stress Negative

Bred by Carter & Nolan Hoge
.69 BF 9.7 LEA at 292 lbs

Ear Notch: 3-6

Registration #548225006

Tee Time

Sweet Tea x U B The Judge
Raised by Bill Rosenbaum, IN


Revival x The One & Only

Bred by Brian Down & Family, IL

Stress Negative

Ear Notch: 27-2

Registration #487761007

Hampshire Breed Purity Test Status: Passed New Breed Purity Test 97%

Texas Hold ’Em

Texas Flood x Grand Slam
Bred by McCoy’s, OH

Texas Storm

Swagger x Toxix 28-3

• Stress Carrier

Bred by Craig Bauman, TX

The Fridge

Augusta x Stainless Steel

Bred by Peters Hamps, IN

The Game

Harbaugh x Sock Em

Bred by Austin Joostberns, MI

Stress Negative

EN: 12-5
Reg # 490678005

Hampshire Breed Purity Test Status: Grandfathered in PASSED 90%


The General

Major Time x Motown x Crossfire

Bred by Shaffer Goldrush

Stress Status – Negative

The Slammer

Lock It Up x Best Man
Bred by Glen Craft


Big Timber x Major Time x Lola

• Stress Negative

Bred by Shaffer's


King x Triple Crown

Bred by: Stein & Smith Duroc

• Stress Negative
.55 BF 7.3 LEA 1.48 WDA at 277 lbs

Ear Notch: 12-4

Registration #345473004

Thunder Storm

Storm Chaser x Perfect Storm

Bred by Mench Polands, IN
Stress Negative
1.84 ADG 7.8 LEA

EN: 4-3

Reg #45867003

Thunder Struck

King x Crown Royal
Bred by Showtime Sires, IL

Tidal Wave

ET x Maximus

• Stress Negative
Bred by Hannah, Holden, & Hayden Miller

Reserve Champion Spot Boar 2013 CPS STC

Ear Notch: 13-11

Registration #152878011


Titan x Foundation
Bred by Shaffer's




Sledge Hammer X Perfect Storm 

Bred by John Rinker and Family, IN

Stress Carrier

EN: 9-2

Registration: 49821002






Bred by Nick and Neil Mauck

Stress Negative


Top Shot

Top Shot
Bred by Ricker Yorkshires, OH
Ricochet x Moonshine
Born 12/19
Stress Negative

 8.8 LEA .82 BF at 325 lbs 1.66 WDA

Ear Notch: 96-1

Registration #555625001

Total Eclipse

Shoot the Moon x Grizz 34-12

Bred by Kevin Ricker, OH

Ear Notch: 16-2

Registration #551520002


Track Star

Asia x Buckshot

• Stress Negative

Bred by Huinker Durocs LTD, IA

Grand Champion Duroc Boar 2012 World Pork Expo

Ear Notch: 91-8

Registration #333486008


Read 'Em & Weep (Intimidator son) x Intimidator
Bred by Earl Cain, IA

Trash Talk

Monster Pipe x White Trash

• Stress Negative

Bred by Weisinger Farms, IA
9.7 LEA, .61 BF at 305 lbs, 1.69 WDA

Treasure Island

Bates Motel x Mile High x Motown

Bred by Shaffer Goldrush
Stress Negative

Triple Threat

Non Typical x Gary Coleman

Bred by Russell Knesse & Morgan Davis, TX

Stress Negative

EN 27-1

Registration #133970001



Visionary x Monumental

Bred by WinMor Farms

Owned with Mike Rawlinson of Coyote Farms & Diamond V Farms

Trophy Buck

Big Buck x Only Approach

Bred by JJ Genetics

EN: 2-2

Registration #340115002


Dozer x Mr. Rusty

Bred by Don Geer

Ear Notch:53-5

Registration #270712

Tuxedo T-Shirt

Tuxedo T-Shirt
Hillbilly Tuxedo x Capital Investment x Texas Hold ‘Em
Bred by Shaffer’s

Ear Notch: 42-1

Registration #484435001



First Class x Off Label 55-11 x Carl 15-4

Bred by: Tres Amigos

Stress Negative

EN: 26-2

Reg: 392248002


VP x Power Pack
Bred by Megan, TC, Tyler, Sean Salis, FL


Out With A Bang x Cyclone
Bred by Hirschfeld & Sons
Stress Negative
EN: 77-13
Reg: 390342013
Grand Champion Duroc Boar at the 2017 Fall Classic




Visionary x Crazy Face x Drop Down

Bred by: Gaskill Show Pigs, IN

Stress: Negative 

.82 BF, 10.3 LEA, 2.06 WDA at 382 lbs


Zwei x Bonecrusher

Bred by Tim Boganwright & Family
Owned with the Simmon’s Family

Stress Negative


EN 7-1

Registration # 148545001

Wall Street

Revolution x General Lee

Bred by McGrew Show Pigs, IL

Ear Notch: 26-6

Registration #126569006

Stress Negative

*Passed Landrace Breed Purity Test

War Admiral

WOW x Klondike
Bred by RAR, IA

War Paint

War Fare x War Fare
Bred by Curry Allen, TX


Bone Thug x War Fare

Bred by:  Kevin Thomas, TX

Stress Carrier

West Coast

Ultimate Force x Anonymous
Bred by Ottenwalter, CA



Guess What X Big Change

Bred by Clint High Farms

EN: 43-11

Registration: 281206

White Bandit

Out of Control x The Grizz
Bred by Scott Garlisch
Stress Negative
.99 BF 11.9 LEA at 421lbs, 1.93 WDA
Reserve Senior Champion Yorkshire Boar 2014 Indiana State Fair

Ear Notch: 3-1

Registration #558824001

White Hope

Monumental x Blue Blood

Bred by Jim & Jamie Pegg, IN

Stress Negative



Ring of Fire x Family Guy

Bred by D & H Show Stock

Stress Negative

EN  10-4

Registration #561070004


Augusta x Home Grown

• Stress Negative
LEA 8.5 BF .48 at 280 lbs
Bred by Gary, Vicki & Chad Funkhouser

Ear Notch: 7-3

Registration #473547003

Winning Touch

Family Guy x HM Rumor 20-3

Bred by D & H Show Pigs & Goldrush

EN:  10-6


Wired Hot

General Lee x Monopoly
Bred by Anna, Erica, Sarah, & Leah Mills, IL


Colossal x Bone Collector
Bred by Rodeffer’s

Stress Negative

Wood Shed

The Grizz x Beef Cake
Bred by George Watson, KY

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